Don’t Go From Auburn To Ronald McDonald Red: How To Take Care Of Color-Treated Hair

October 18, 2012  |  

So the time comes where you decided to change your look for whatever reason it may be, but weeks have gone by and your hair is now brittle, dry, or faded. While we’re excited about the idea of a new look, we often forget how to keep it up! With over 75 percent of Americans jumping into the hair dye pool, here are some tips you can use to take care of your colored hair.

Honey (If You Want to Lighten Hair)

So this past summer I got highlights and I gained a new best friend- honey! Lots of people don’t realize that some of toughest hair dilemmas can be found right in the cupboard.  Honey has all the essentials to keep your color bright and keep your highlights vibrant.  To keep color like new, take one cup of honey, two cups of water, one tablespoon of cinnamon and one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and mix well.  Using a brush or a comb apply on damp hair (doesn’t have to be clean) and leave in hair for 30 minutes. For it to hit your strands perfectly, you can either wrap your hair, or just use a shower cap to cover it all. After 30 minutes, wash out the concoction and condition with cool water. Do this every couple of weeks and after the first time, you will definitely see the difference!


This cannot be said enough. After the first week or so, you’re going to have that brittle feeling. While it seems your hair may fall off as you brush it, don’t fret. Try to moisturize your hair as much as possible, (especially since the weather is dropping) because with colored hair you can expect more than just a couple of split ends.  Tricks like oil treatments, color shampoo (Pantene and John Frieda are some of the best), and even massaging the scalp can be all the tools you need to keep your colored hair perfect.  (FYI: For all who have oily skin, try using baby powder on your roots in the front and sides of your head. This helps with too much moisture and makes the hair soft in between washes as well. Others can try at your own risk-but I’m sure it won’t hurt!)

Eat Good

Even though colored hair isn’t something that’s in your body, it still affects it in a way. Eating the right nutrients like nuts, avocado, salads, and even salmon can make your hair just as healthy as your body. Also, drink plenty of water; it helps hydrate your hair. Check out the full list of “The Best Foods for Hair” here.

Mix Up Shampoo..And Conditioner!

In addition to using color shampoo, take the time to mix it up. By using different shampoos you get to see what works for your hair.  If you are on a budget, try travel packs before you invest in the bigger bottles. Sometimes I mix conditioners when I’m doing a deep conditioner at home. It gives hair that perfect clean, (without stripping it of its essential oils of course) with shine and that perfect salon look.

Step Away From The Flat Iron…

This can be tricky since no one likes to do wash and gos as the weather gets cooler, but try to stay away from the excessive heat of flat irons.  You should give yourself at least two to three weeks before straightening newly dyed hair. Also try air drying hair so you can reduce the amount of heat used each time you do your hair.

Choose The Salon Over The Box If Possible

The only reason I say this is because of my own experience. I used to have a family member who always colored my hair. One time I decided to a get a cherry red color but two boxes later, I looked like Ronald McDonald (My senior picture proved it).  After trying to repair my hair, (it took years and a couple of more dyes) I decided to cut it all off and start over. So when I decide to get back into the color game, I went straight to Vidal Sassoon. Sure, it was a lot of money, but you get a great treatment and it also helped me learn about what works for my hair and what doesn’t. Professionals can often do the best work when you’re first getting into the color game. And not everyone is a Beautician. You can mistakenly put too much color one side and look just as silly as I did.

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