A Word From The Woman On The Receiving End Of That Mean Bus Driver Uppercut: “It Felt Like I Was On Mortal Kombat”

October 15, 2012  |  

If you remember the uppercutting bus driver story from Friday, which I’m sure you do, you’ll recall there were a few details everyone was dying to know. One, was the driver a street fighter in his former life; two, what the heck caused that type of altercation; and three, what kind of woman is able to take a hit like that and still get up talking ish?

Well Fox 8 got to the bottom of a few of those questions when they tracked down 25-year-old Shidea Lane and asked her what exactly transpired from her point of view. According to her, the argument began because the driver, 59-year-old Artis Hughes, didn’t think she had money to get on the bus. Shidea said she told the driver she had the money and she was just looking for it and when he wouldn’t give her time to find it, things escalated.

“It’s amazing to see how a man would actually hit a woman that hard,” she said. “I mean, you could have pulled me off the bus, you can’t really touch nobody but, for real, like you really punched me?”

When the interviewer then hilariously asks, “Shidea, you were on the receiving end of one of the most talked about uppercuts, what did that feel like?” she replied:

“It felt like I was on Mortal Kombat. It just hurted. It was almost like a ‘Finish him!’ type of hit.”

My thoughts exactly.

Cleveland’s RTA issued a statement after the incident saying Artis, who has been with the bus system for 22 years, has since been suspended and removed from duty, but he has a slightly different recollection of the incident. In a police statement obtained by The Smoking Gun, Artis says Shidea claimed to have left her bookbag and so he asked her what she was going to do and she said go on. He took her one stop further and when she still didn’t want to pay he told her she was holding everyone up. He says that’s when the argument started and that somewhere along the line, Shidea grabbed him in the throat and spit in his face. I imagine this is the point where he popped off his seat belt and announced, “You going to jail now!” and proceeded to “protect himself,” i.e. uppercut the mess out of that girl.

Shidea is accepting no wrongdoing in the incident though. When asked by Fox if she hit Artis she said she’s advised by her lawyer not to say anything. I’d take that as a yes. Check out the full interview below. Do these details change your opinion on the incident at all?

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