True Life: I Had To Learn The Hard Way…

October 11, 2012  |  
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You know what they say God or life gives you the exam first and the lesson later. As unfair as that may seem, that’s just the way of the world. The greatest lessons, the ones that really sink in are the ones we had to learn through experience aka “the hard way.” We asked some of our Facebook followers which lessons they learned not by reading a book or through observation, but by going through one of life’s trials and coming out better educated and equipped. See what they had to say. 

Mitzi: Believing some people never change, would have saved me heartbreak 18 years later

Korama: A soul in disarray is of no good to me. Learned that from my ex husband, whom i thought if i prayed hard enough and showed him a good woman he would in turn be good. He was a damaged spirit before me and attempted to damage me by any means.

Chell: Never date a guy who says he will leave his wife or that his relationship is broken…he never left and the relationship never ended.

Te’Airra: People make time for who and what they want. You can see how much you mean to someone by the amount of time they are willing to give to you.

Lisa: When I graduated from high school & started working I was told not to get credit cards until I could afford to pay the balance off in full every month…I should have listened..!!!

Darling: To open my pretty little eyes and be aware of everything. If you think someone is a certain way you are not wrong.

Jessica: Real and true friends only come once in a lifetime. Treasure them.

Sheniqua: Never expect more than what someone is capable of giving. People show you who they are, time and time again. It never changes. No matter how high on the totem pile you place them.

Demetria: That blood only makes you related to someone, it does NOT make them family! It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you no matter what. That’s FAMILY…

Audrey: I learned to love myself before my boyfriend, husband or significant other because when they come with the okey doke u will have the strength to get to steppin.

Mia: Don’t take everyone at face value. Being so hellbent on finding the good that you over look the oh so obvious bad!

Keisha: Listen to dad; the specifics are still too painful to detail. Parents always know when something is wrong. ALWAYS.

Danae: I looked up the meaning of Karma. I always heard about this “karma” but didn’t understand it. From that point on, I made a conscious effort to send out positive vibes and be kind to all that cross my path back in 2003. I can honestly say that it really is true about you get what you give. Fortunate things started happening to me and still does. My friends always say how “lucky” I am. I’d say that understanding and practicing that way of life is def at the top of the list when it comes to life lessons.

Sarita: I learned to keep my private life VERY PRIVATE in a professional setting aka on the job. Don’t trust ANYONE with any information because it could be used against you especially in Corporate America by people who are desperate to get ahead via any means necessar

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