Congrats! Now Let’s Talk: 5 Things I Wish New And Soon-To-Be Moms Would Stop Doing And Sharing Online

October 31, 2012  |  

Facebook more than any other social network has become a grown up’s virtual show-and-tell with folks showcasing everything from birthdays to beatdowns and breakups, and nuptials to…well, nipples. We seem to show everything, all the time, with reckless abandon, letting anyone and everyone into our lives.

I don’t judge. If showing the world every detail of your private life is what makes you happy, by all means, share away. I do take issue with a few things however and it seems that the preggo social networkers happen to be the repeat offenders in this case. And now that everyone is getting their hands on an Instagram account to soon put the TM in TMI (Too Much Information), here’s a look at the top five things that new moms and/or moms-to-be need to QUIT doing and sharing with the world.

Stop posting half-naked pregnant pictures: Why does the world need to see you in a bra and panties with your protruding, freshly cocoa-buttered belly? Was the fully-clothed photo of you with your hands lovingly placed over your baby bump not enough? No? You had to go all Amber Rose? Not everything is for everybody. I think we all see enough of these type of images at black art festivals and don’t need you to enter the game. Keep these for your own personal photo album.
Stop showing us your “Birthin’ room” pics: Listen, the sacred and sometimes scary moment of delivering a child into this world is not meant for everyone on the Internet or in your friend cricle to see. No one wants to see your blue-green baby fresh out the pum pum all cloaked in a glistening robe of yuck. Let the little bundle of joy marinate in a bath and fresh air for a few days before you introduce us! I think we can all better appreciate the adorable kid you brought into the world when you don’t post a photo of them straight out the womb.
Don’t talk smack about your baby’s father(s): Um, he was good enough for you to lay up under, so think twice before posting that rant about how he ain’t s—. It only makes you look immature and if you do it more than once, you’ll start to look completely ratchet. Settle your private affairs, you know, privately.
Don’t talk smack about your kids! This sounds crazy, but trust, I see it almost daily. In my mind I always want to shake these individuals and remind them that, hey, YOU’RE the one raising little Ray Ray! If he’s “bad” then guess whose fault that is? Don’t worry, I’ll wait… Congratulations, you’ve just outed yourself as a subpar parent. Get your whole entire life, honey.
PLEASE STOP posting naked baby photos. Now THIS, I take SO seriously. No jokes here at all. As we’ve all come to know but many of us choose to ignore, what you put into cyberspace you can not get back, nor can you control who views it. Your babies are adorable. I get that. But they are adorable FULLY clothed. Shield your children from the perverts lurking on the Internet. Just because you’ve set your Facebook profile to “private” does not mean that what you post won’t easily be taken and seen. Cover your children and please be mindful of the kinds of photos you post of them. Internet predators can only use what we provide. Let’s be more mindful.


La Truly is a late-blooming Aries whose writing is powered by a lifetime of anecdotal proof that awkward can transform to awesome and fear can cast its crown before courage. La seeks to encourage thought, discussion and change. Her blog: and Twitter: @AshleyLaTruly. 

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