Dr. Ian Smith On The Book Business, Dieting and the (Bad) Eating Habits of Busy Execs

October 11, 2012  |  

MN;  What about executives who are always eating on the run, or eating too much at conferences, lunches and events. What advice would you give them?

IS: Having a busy schedule is not an excuse to make bad decisions. If one knows that they are not going to have time or access to the healthiest of foods, then plan ahead. Eat as healthy as you can when you have the ability to compensate for the times when you know you won’t have much choice.  Take as many healthy snacks with you as possible. Salads and yogurt are available in the least healthy of fast food restaurants, so they can always be a default when finding good food is tough.  Eat a snack 15 minutes before going to a lunch and make sure you drink at least a cup of water.  Reducing your hunger when you are going to be around the “wrong” food can dramatically reduce the risk of you making bad choices.

MN:  Business parties are coming up. Any advice on how not to blow your diet?


  • Take small portions.
  • Eat something healthy before you go to the party to reduce your hunger.
  • Limit the alcohol to one drink.
  • Choose either an appetizer or a dessert.  Don’t choose both.
  • Make sure you work out fiercely in the morning of those holiday party days. 

MN:  Any tips specially for African-American women on dieting?


  • Exercise is a critical part of dieting successfully. Find ways or times to work out and not let your hair be an obstacle to get moving.
  • Find time to make time for you. So often you are trying to take care of everyone else that you often neglect yourself.  Those days are over.
  • Style of cooking is as important as the food that’s being cooked. You don’t have to cook food in a healthy manner all of the time, but at least cook it in that way a majority of the time. Spices are a great trick to make those dishes that otherwise might be bland a lot more palatable.
  • Pay attention to the BMI chart.  It applies to ALL of us regardless of race, religion, creed, or nationality. One can be curvy and still be at a healthy weight. Losing weight does not mean you will lose those curves.

MN:  Usually when people hear diet, they think of something negative. How can you change this mindset?

IS: SHRED: The Revolutionary Diet is all about changing the mindset. It really is more than a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. The program not only teaches good nutrition for weight loss, but it also mixes and varies food choices so that there is proper balance. [Y]ou’re able to eat some of those items that you love, but know aren’t the best for you. On SHRED the weight loss is so significant and so immediate that SHREDDERS love the results and feel like all of the options make the plan feel less like a diet and more like a simple eating plan that they can do forever.


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