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Someone must have told Bow Wow being a deadbeat dad isn’t a good look for BET because he hopped on Philly’s Hot 107.9 the other day to clear up the drama surrounding the so-called Mr. 106&Park. A lot of folks have been giving him the side-eye about claiming to be broke in court last week in order to pay a certain amount in child support, leaving people wondering 1) what kind of daddy are you, and 2) where did your money go?

Bow answered all those questions and more with radio host Q Deezy, telling him:

“Here is the honest truth. I felt like I wanted to be on child support. I felt like that was the best thing for our situation.  I’m sure there’s a lot of men out there listening and their baby mama don’t like the new chick, you know what I’m saying. So for me to move on with my life and let her know that everything is still gravy, I felt like the best thing for us to do was to go about it that way. Which I love it because its confirmed money to my daughter.  So I’m fine with it and I’ve wanted to be on [child support] so that I can live my life and not feel like I’m attached to a woman or that a woman got screens on me. I don’t like that. I don’t play that.”

But is he on the financial struggle bus (you know with only $1,500 in his bank account like he told the judge last week)?

“Hell no! You know men can put themselves on child support, right? Sometimes, it’s worth doing it so that you can have that freedom. Ain’t nobody wanting to be dealing with a woman who keeps blowing you up. I’m happy about it and now she can live her life peacefully. She can do whatever she wants to do and date whomever she wants to date and for me, I’m just going to continue on with my career and living life. I’m happy as can be….For the record, I have no issues with my BM (baby mama) not one.”

Wondering whether Bow Wow is just all talk, Q Deezy also asked him whether he still has unprotected sex. Thankfully the rapper said no:

“One and done. I learned my lesson. I just want to let all them young fellas out there know that there’s nothing wrong with having a kid but just make sure you have it with the right one. But I love mine and I love my situation but if you don’t want no headache and no issues definitely wrap that thang up.”

On another note, Q Deezy also asked Bow Wow the other question everyone has been wondering about his new gig, which is what happens when Ciara comes on the show. According to him:

“Ima just do what I do. Ima be Bow.”

Alrightay. How are you feeling about Bow Wow’s take on fatherhood?

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