True Life: He Asked Me To Pay For Our Date

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There has been a lot of talk of more and more men asking the women they take out to pay for their dates. Well, this struck us as a bit unbelievable so we took to our Facebook page to ask our readers if a man had ever asked them to pay and what they said in response to this request. See what they had to say.

Davina: Does hell go with no?!?!


Karen: Yes. I guess me still being Single answers my response.


Lydia: Told that nigha hell no if u ask me than that’s ur treat


Lloyd: I once had to pay for a lunch date we had at ihop, on top of that this broke bastard only left a $3, needless to say we never went out again. Every time I think about that mess I get heated.


Crystal: I looked at that fool like he had three heads, rolled my eyes and kept talking like he never asked.


Meshele: I paid his A$$ no attention and left !


Kristina: I went to dinner with a guy and he informed me that he found it Hot when a woman exudes her independence. I said watch me independently get a ride home and left!


Tiffany: I left him at the table


Noelle: yes and i told him no and told him to take me back home and i called him a bum


Rochelle: Yes. He was very late & then said he forgot his wallet. It was our 1 & only date.


Charmaine: Yes, on new years eve , all day we was talking about hanging out , then when I called and asked him when he wanted to hook up, said thAt he forgot to tell me he was low on money, I told him ok I will talk to him tomorrow, lol


Candice: Yes, and my response was, ”…and what would possess me to do that? ” We don’t speak anymore. 😀


Tenee: Yeah, and he waited after we ordered food and drinks; When the bill came he came up with this lame A$$ story about not having enough money, so I kindly left my part of the bill and walked out of the restaurant. That’ll teach his A$$


Latanya: Yes, I’m married to him. We would go dutch throughout our dating status. It’s fine.


Anastasia: I went on a first date with this dude and when the check came this mofo was like oh your part is $$$. I was so shocked, never in my life has that happened to me. Oh and he didn’t have a car so I picked him up.I told him I needed to use the bathroom and I left. Needless to say I never spoke to him again.


Gennifer: Yes, a guy asked me to pay, but soon as the check came he said..”i was just testing you” and then he paid. What turned me off about him wasn’t the fact that he asked me to pay, but the fact that he was testing me…playing these mind games instead of just getting to know a sista…


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