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While watching another very interesting episode of “The View” this morning (it’s actually over at 12), the topic of course came up about the whole Nicki Minaj vs. Mariah Carey argument on the “American Idol” set in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday. Today, TMZ reported that Nicki and people in her camp think “American Idol” producers are using her to cause drama and get ratings. That’s why she’s allegedly just going to walk off of the set next time things between Carey and the rapper get less than friendly. Surprisingly though, Barbara Walters pulled out her notepad this morning and shared with viewers and her “high-risk” co-hosts that she had spoken with Mariah this morning about all the drama, and BOY OH BOY, did Mariah have some exclusives to drop.

According to Walters, Carey told her that while the show must go on and they’re back to promotion and filming for “American Idol,” she doesn’t feel emotionally comfortable as a judge right now. Why? Well, according to the butterfly-loving singer, Nicki Minaj threw threats at her during their argument when she walked off set. Carey said she and staff members on heard Minaj go to the back and say, “If I had a gun, I would shoot that b***h.”

Of course, Carey told Barbara that she feels that nothing will come from the threats and she thinks that Minaj was speaking from a place of anger. She says she has her concerns about how the two will work together in the future, but for the sake of the show and the job she signed up for, she plans to move forward. Nicki also said that the ladies had to sit down and talk about what happened with staff members to hash things out, and during that meeting, Nicki told her “I love you, but we might fight again.” In other words, it sounds like Nicki was asking her to get her diva-tude in check. However, Carey told her, “No we will not,” because she doesn’t want to put up with the drama anymore.

As the ladies continue on filming for the show, we hope there will be no more drama and no more huge attempts by FOX to get views by  having these women nitpick at one another. After hearing all the different details about what happened, I’m not on anybody’s side–probably because I couldn’t care less about “American Idol” at this point. Seriously, I stopped watching once I realized the winners were all starting to look the same: white men with guitars…

But if you were wondering why the women actually fell out in the first place, Walters told the audience that Mariah said it all started when Nicki criticized something Mariah said to a contestant that she found to be rude–but did so in front of the contestant. With big egos, you know how it goes: Never try and put folks on front street in front of other people. Interestingly enough, the ladies of “The View” seemed to spend a lot of time chatting about Nicki’s alleged threats, saying that if she had written her threats as opposed to saying them in front of people, it would have been a federal offense, so she needs to get herself in order.

I guess so Barbara… But here’s to just hoping these ladies can be civil to one another and make this money! Besides, being uber-diva is so ’90s…

*Once clips from today’s episode drop, we’ll be sure to post them and update you.*

Here’s the clip:

And check out what Minaj had to say via Twitter today:

What do you think of Carey’s comments to Barbara Walters?

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