Somebody Get This Fool’s Badge: Cop Punches Woman During Puerto Rican Day Parade in Philly For No Reason

October 2, 2012  |  

Actually, the cop did have think he had a reason, but it wasn’t a good enough reason to punch her like she was a dude in the street.

During the celebration of the Puerto Rican Day parade in Philly on Sunday, as you can see in the video, cops proceeded to handcuff a man on a car as a crowd surrounded the melee. During the arrest, someone outside of the frame can be seen throwing water at the officers, and as this is done, a woman can be seen walking up to where the officers are to get a glimpse of the drama, and then quickly turning around when she sees chaos ensuing. Unfortunately for her, she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Lt. Jonathan Josey II confused this woman for the individual who threw water at the officers, probably because she just so happened to have a bottle of liquid in her hands, and in a fury, he followed the woman, walked up to her, and literally blindsided her with a sharp punch to the face.

The crowd can be heard reacting to the unnecessary attack, and as the unidentified woman hit the ground, she was arrested and taken away by other officers. Footage shows that she received a bloody mouth from the punch, and seemed very much confused about why she was being arrested. Though she didn’t throw the water, the woman was still given a disorderly conduct citation for her involvement in the incident (whatever that involvement was, outside of being punched). Because of the incident, Lt. Josey has been taken off the streets temporarily while an investigation is being done, and has been put on administrative duty. Lt. Ray Evers responded to the controversy the video has brought:

“We were made aware of the video very, very early this morning. Internal Affairs opened up an investigation in reference to the incident and the actions of that officer. The incident is being fully investigated.”

According to reports, the Puerto Rican Day Parade in the city usually goes on without any problems, but this temperamental officer definitely turned things upside down and inside out. Not really sure what the consequences of his actions should be at this point, but I’m just very tired of watching officers of the law use their powers to bring chaos rather than peace. Even if she had been the individual to throw water their way, would a punch still have been necessary? The use of excessive force in this situation was disgusting, and this man needs to take some anger management classes until he can get his mind right.

On an interesting side note, News One found out that Lt. Josey tried to nominate himself to be a “Daily News Swexy Single” in 2006, and for the photo submission, he sent the following pic. Areola all ringed up thinking he was looking too cute.

“He told the paper in 2006 that, his most outstanding features were his “charm and magnetic personality.” He said he was looking for a “Swexy, Swexy, Swexy” woman and was sick of meeting women that act like girls.”

The above video proves that this fool is anything but charming.

Do you think he took things too far? Or was the woman in the wrong?

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