Mind Your Man: How You Can Party Like A Single Gal Even When You’re In A Relationship

October 5, 2012  |  
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You dress incredibly hot, you flirt with guys, you stay up until the sunrise, you dance on tables, you accompany friends to get drunken tattoos, you eat a burrito at 3 am and go to an after party at the guy’s house that your friend just met. Sound like a pretty regular night out? Well if you think it also sounds like it’s only for single girls, you’re wrong! Here’s how to be a party animal and a good girlfriend.

Don’t text the boyfriend (too much)

When you’re drunk, and he’s already insecure about the fact that you’re out looking hot without him, a simple, “Miss you!” text can somehow escalate into a fight. Don’t send any complicated texts. Don’t try to portray a funny story that just happened via text to your boyfriend. Keep things simple. Send texts that don’t warrant a response. If one text gets misinterpreted, then your night is taken over by trying to amend that situation.

But do text enough

Of course, if you go completely MIA for the night you could have an even larger problem on your hands. So do sprinkle in a few sweet “I love you!” or “Thinking of you!” texts throughout the night. Don’t let your guy feel like enough stimulation can make you completely forget him.

Come home

If you and your boyfriend do live together, come home to him at the end of the night. No matter how late it is. Once you start crashing on other people’s couches, you and your boyfriend will begin to feel distant. He needs to feel that he is your comfort and your safe place that you want to come home to at the end of the night. Even if he isn’t a partier, he needs to know that you like that he is a homebody, and that he is there for you.

Draw clear lines

These are so that you can actually have fun. What are your lines? Maybe you tell any guy that talks to you that you have a boyfriend up front. Maybe you don’t allow other guys to buy you drinks. If you know your boundaries ahead of time and stick to them, then your fun doesn’t have to be tinted with that guilty question of, “Is this ok to be doing?”

Avoid 2 on 2 situations

Think about it: how would you like it if your boyfriend was hanging with just his single friend, the single girl that friend is into, and her single friend? Oh yeah, and your boyfriend’s friend and that other girl just wandered into a bedroom so now it’s just him and this drunk girl. If your girlfriend wants a fourth wheel to keep the party going so she can keep hanging with a guy she wants to hang out with, she’ll have to find somebody else.

Don’t use going out as an escape

If you’ve got problems in your relationship, don’t just stay away as much as possible to avoid them. Then your partner will definitely resent your partying ways. He will feel that you don’t respect the relationship since you’re somehow so unaffected by the issues that you’re able to go have fun. And, if you fix your issues, there will always be a dark cloud around you going out. He will always fear that maybe you’re trying to escape him again. Just like in high school, if you’re “in trouble” at home, you don’t’ get to go out. Fix your issues first.

Invite your boyfriend sometimes

Partying doesn’t have to be a “single girl” thing. Bring your boyfriend along, but just make sure he doesn’t cling to you the entire time. Likewise, don’t feel you have to stay by his side every moment. Going out and getting silly together can bond you. Don’t miss out on that opportunity.

Don’t go out angry

If you go out angry, once you’re drunk you’re bound to start complaining to your friends or even a stranger about your boyfriend. And since we always exaggerate when drunk and in the heat of the fight, we can make our relationship look much worse than it really is. And that’s disrespectful to a boyfriend.

Approach it with tact

If you don’t want your partner coming along because you know they’ll get jealous or unhappy, find a tactful way of saying that. Say “It’s just a girl’s night” or “It’s not the kind of bar you’ll like and I wouldn’t want you to be unhappy and want to go home early.” But do not ever imply that he would be a burden to you.

Do something with him the night before

Do your duty as a girlfriend and spend the night before you go out just with your man. Have a date night or stay home and watch a movie together. He’ll appreciate that you took the time to show him that you really enjoy being with him as much as you enjoy partying.

Tell him who will be there

List the non-threatening friends that he likes and who like him back. Your boyfriend will feel instantly more secure if people that he knows will be there. For one thing, he knows you’re safe because you’ve got friends watching out for you. But also, (not that you would cheat) he knows that you have friends there that would keep you in line and would look down on you being too flirtatious with other guys or god forbid cheating.

Let there be a reason

Never say you’re just going out so you can get wasted. That will always concern a boyfriend because it sounds like you’re trying to run from some problems or that you’re going to be irresponsible. Give some reason whether it be you want to see a good friend you haven’t seen forever, or there’s a new bar you’ve been dying to try out or it’s somebody’s birthday.

Take a taxi

No matter what you do, don’t drive drunk. There is the obvious reason that you put yourself and others in danger, but there’s also the issue that if you have this tendency, your partner will stay awake worried all night any time you go out.


Text before bed

Nothing is more heart warming and flattering than getting a sweet, “I miss you” or “Sleep well” text from your partner after they’ve been out all night. They are probably drunk. Their head is probably buzzing with all the funny stories from that night. And yet somehow, you’re so special to them that they remembered to text you goodnight. Do that for your guy.

Avoid a hangover

If at all possible, try to keep your drinking to a level that won’t leave you hung over the next day should you have plans with your boyfriend. If you can barely face the sunlight, won’t get out of bed and are craving nachos all day, he will feel that you didn’t respect the plans the two of you made. The safer bet if you can get away with it is just not making solid plans the next day with your partner.

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