So far, so good! NBC premiered its latest sci-fi tinged series last night and it looks like it just might be worth watching.

“The Event,” starring Blair Underwood as President Elias Martinez (he’s Cuban American) and Jason Ritter (the late John Ritter’s son) as regular guy Sean Walker, is a show that requires close attention like the mind-bending show “Lost.”  I never watched “Lost,” so now is my chance to be a super geek about a new show. Yay!

The premiere episode is super fast-paced with lots of dramatic stand-offs, WTF moments and a non-linear storyline that pings back and forth through time. The director is kind enough to flash a time reference on the screen (“11 days ago,” “five hours ago,” etc).  Basically, the U.S. government is detaining people in the Arctic for some vague information-gathering reason. Even President Martinez doesn’t seem to have the clearance to get the full story.  Meanwhile, Sean’s would-be fiancée has disappeared along with his identity and their cabin reservation on the cruise ship.

When Sean is arguing with the desk clerk, I’m like “Dude, go online and get your reservation confirmation number. Duh.” His fiancée’s daddy (who looks doped up or something) is trying to crash a commercial plane into a building and kill the president. Sean is on the plane and tries to stop him but fails. Luckily (or not?) some kind of lightning-filled vortex thing opens up and swallows the plane whole before it makes impact.  Got that?

Well, where ever the plane goes, next week’s episode shows Sean in a hospital bed, so at least he’s not dead and neither is his girlfriend, but who knows where she is. The pilot episode leaves us with a few questions:

1.     Where did that plane go and who did that?

2.     Why does the president have the Candy Man and the Vampire Authority Magister on his advisory team?

3.     What exactly is “the event?”

4.     Did Sean step into some space/time vortex or were all those people in on that whole disappearing reservation thing on the cruise ship?

5.     Where can we buy the forever-fine water that Blair Underwood drinks?

Will you be watching “The Event?” What are your theories/predictions now that you’ve watched the first episode?

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