It’s Time To Grow Up Mom! Reality Stars Who Are More Mature Than Their Mothers

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Before we get started, let’s just say that no one’s perfect and that mothering is an extremely hard job.  When an imperfect person is placed in a position to be a perfect role model, it can be hard, and it gets even harder when your flaws are on display on reality television.  Every parent hopes that their child does better than them and doesn’t struggle with the same issues they had.  So, instead of seeing this as a “bashing moms” thing let’s see it as a hurrah to good parenting!!  These mothers might have their flaws, but they were able to raise their children to have a better outlook than they had, even if it’s just for one iota.  All right, readers, let’s do this:

Evelyn and Shaniece Lozada

People like to give Ev a bad rap.  Honestly, I’ve never watched the show until I did this article, but where Evelyn has made her mistakes of jumping on tables and throwing bottles, her daughter Shaniece has seemingly gone a different route.  Especially considering that Evelyn had her at 16, the fact that her daughter is in college and no one has put her on blast for flipping tables and roundhouse kicking people in the face, I say that’s a good thing!

Vicki Gunvalson and Briana Culberson

Kicking off the franchise that has given us “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Vicki Gunvalson is the original cast member of the premiere series, “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”  The “OG from OC” (asAndy Cohen likes to call her) has been on the cast for 8 years, and has seemed to have made enemies of most of the other cast mates. But through it all her daughter, Briana has seemed to take everything in stride, and even during her cancer scare was able to deal and recover with grace.

Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and Zonnique

Now, this isn’t more so a mental maturity thing, because it’s very evident that Tiny is a strong and encouraging strong woman/mother figure for her children to look up to.  This is more so a commentary on her decision to dress the same age as her 17 year old.  Some have accused her of trying to live vicariously through her, but she has raised a daughter that is in the process of getting things together, so kudos!!

Kim Bierman and Brielle and Ariana Zolciak

Kim sashayed into our lives on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and introduced us to her two beautiful daughters Brielle and Ariana.  We saw glimpses of them, but got an even better view on Kim’s own show about her wedding/marriage to Kroy Bierman.  Though I’m sure Kim has reprimanded her children, it was Brielle and Ariana who tried to encourage their mother to make healthier decisions in her life, particularly to stop smoking.  Kim, who has described herself as being impatient, taught her youngest daughter Ariana to possess the patience that she was lacking, and with that patience came a sense of responsibility that Ariana showed on their show.

Frankie Lons and Keyshia Cole

Everyone has their struggles, and Frankie Lon’s have been documented on multiple reality shows.  Seeing her mother overcoming an addiction to drugs caused Keyshia, like many children of parents with substance abuse problems, to mature quickly. Keyshia Cole has shown poise and grace during times that her mother might have been more boisterous and ready to start beefs with other reality celebrity mothers, such as…

Mama Jones and Jim Jones

I’ve been told that mothers are very protective of their sons and that came off very strongly on the first season of “Love and Hip Hop.” Mama Jones was very outspoken and wasn’t going to pretend that there wasn’t tension with Chrissy, Jim’s long time girlfriend, now fiance.  That tension was documented on a musical single.  And that was the only drama Mama Jones brought. She had an issue with fellow castmate, Olivia, a shirt with an interesting spelling of the word “psychotic,” twitter beefs and Frankie beef. However, Jim has stayed calm, cool and collected with each situation, and seemed to have a resolve to not disrespect his mother, but to stay supportive of Chrissy.

Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian

What is there to really say, you know?  Kris Jenner, who is known for… how can I say this politely… pimping her children and trying to live vicariously though them, seems to know no bounds when to came to making entertaining television and thrusting her family further into the limelight.  From exposing her old cheating ways, to getting a tramp stamp tattoo, forgetting about her husband Bruce Jenner (he disappeared for an entire 24 hours, and she didn’t even notice!), seeing her ex-lover, and getting lip injections… sigh… But, Kris begot Khloe and Khloe has been known as the saner of the Kardashians.  Honest and down to earth, but also not letting fame dictate her decisions.  She gave up her highly rated show with her husband to help him focus on basketball.

Linda Hogan and Brooke Hogan

Terry “Hulk” Hogan had been in the limelight since the ’80s, but it wasn’t until his reality show “Hogan knows Best” in 2005 that we saw the intimate goings on behind the Hogan’s mansion walls.  Linda, his now ex-wife, seemed to dress young for her age, while their daughter Brooke seemed to have a level head on her shoulders while she tried to cultivate a music career. The marriage between the Hulkster and Linda ended, and Linda rebounded by dating one of Brooke’s friends… who was 19 at the time… and she was in her 40s.

With all the drama that seemed to come with the family (Hulk’s alleged cheating that led to the divorce, him dating someone who looked very similar to Brooke, her brother’s driving accident that left his friend brain dead), Brooke seemed to be the strong shoulder that everyone relied on, and it was evident from her own show “Brooke Knows Best.”

Tiffany “New York” Pollard and Sister Patterson

Now, there was a rumor that Sister Patterson was just an actress portraying to be New York’s mother, but until I see a quote from New York confirming, let’s just say for the sake of arguing that they are indeed a mother and daughter duo.

As crazy and outrageous as some of New York’s actions were, her “mother” Sister Patterson seemed to be up the ante further.  With her attempts to fight Mr. Flavor Flav, pretending that she had a sickness to get New York to leave during the second season, arguing with New York’s fellow contestants, insulting the men on New York’s show, and then being the ultimate stage mom on New York goes to Hollywood.  Because of Sister Patterson’s actions, New York’s didn’t seem as bad, and it actually made her a more sympathetic character to viewers.

Jill Vertes and Kendall Vertes

On “Dance Moms,” Abby Lee Miller is creating stars here, people!  She runs a tight ship because she gets results!  Being named as one of the most prestigious dance academies on the East Coast (that’s what she says on the show anyway), you can see why some of the moms on the show try to strategize to get their children in solos, in duets, and trios.  None more than Jill Vertes.  Jill has tried bribing Abbey with gifts and massages, and when her daughter still wasn’t featured as prominently as she wanted, she pouted and huffed away to another dance company, dragging her daughter, Kendall, right along with her.

Though Jill has came off as very immature, her daughter Kendall has seemed to take everything in stride, with minimal complaining.  Even when her mother sulked back to Abby Lee Miller.

Mama Yvonne Sabato and Antonio Sabato Jr

What do you do when your son is put on a dating show, why you appear with him to help him out.  Then, when his ex comes back trying to win him over, you plot and scheme with the other women to get her out of the game, duh!  That was the dynamic Antonio’s mother gave on his show “My Antonio.”

Renee Graziano and A.J. Graziano

First, can I say that I love the fact that her son’s name is A.J., being “The Sopranos” fan that I am?  But back to the topic, Renee has described herself as a “foul mouth drama queen,” and seemingly because of that, her son has became her confidant in many situations on the show during the times that she was overwhelmed, her son was her support system, and you have to be pretty mature for that.

The Duggar Family

What do you do when you have 19 children and you’re trying to have more?  You incorporate a buddy system, and that’s what the Duggar family did.  To my understanding an older child is assigned a younger child to assist in primary care, like helping them get dressed, teaching them language lessons and so on. You know, I’m getting exhausted just thinking about that… let’s move on…

Jill Zarin and Ally Shapiro

Real Housewives of New York cast member Jill Zarin’s fame went from “loveable” to “loathable” due to the what some claimed was the fame getting to her head and a feud she had with Bethenny Frankel. But through it all, her daughter has stayed “loveable” and out of the drama as she made her way to higher learning.

Momma Dee and Lil’ Scrappy

Being a mother is a hard job, and when Momma Dee got into a car accident that left her unable to work, she resorted to becoming a pimp to feed her children.  Watching your mother hit her former whores with crowbars, and sleeping in the same room with her and your sister because current whores were using your room to make your mother money might not have been an ideal childhood to have, but with all that inconsideration, Mr. Scraps turned out more well adjusted than some would have expected.

He sought a more mainstream acceptable career, seems to be dedicated to being a good father, committed to getting married and starting a family.

Now, before you yell at me in the comment section, it could be worse… he could have went along with the family business… Just saying.

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