Is It Time To Call Tyrone? 14 Ways To Know Whether Your Relationship Is Worth Fixing Or Nixing

October 3, 2012  |  
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No relationship is perfect; nothing in life is. When you’re dating someone, you should always expect for there to be bumps in the road. However, when those bumps become consistent or when the bumps turn into roadblocks, it’s a good time to step back and observe the relationship to decide if it’s worth it to continue on. Here are 14 ways to decide if it’s best to fix or nix a relationship.

How frequent is the fighting?

Fighting in a relationship is bound to happen, in fact, it’s been said to be healthy. But, at the same time, there are relationships where arguing and fighting becomes overwhelming. If you are fighting constantly, it may be a good time to have a real talk or go ahead and nix the relationship.

What type of problems exist?

If there are problems in your relationship, decide just how minor, or major, they are. If they can be easily fixed, don’t be so quick to nix the relationship. Instead, work on patching things up.

Do you feel wanted?

Being in a relationship means feeling wanted, cared, about, and valued. If you feel that your significant other simply doesn’t care about what you have to say or invalidates all of your opinions, there’s a big problem as communication will begin to suffer.

How close is your tipping point?

At some point in time we all have a last straw and when it’s pulled, the relationship can be over quickly. If you’re truly at the end of your rope, nixing may be best.

Is the romance still alive?

Romance is an important piece of a relationship and if you’re simply not feeling it anymore, you have the choice to fix it or nix it. Romance can be brought back if it’s fading, but if it’s dead, it’s dead. You never want to feel like things are getting routine and that the thrill is gone. You could be wasting your time.

Do you make time for each other?

Schedules can get busy and we all like to do things on our own, but not spending enough time with your partner can take a toll on the relationship. But, this can be easily fixed if both parties are willing and ready to make some sacrifices for one another. If you’re not, then therein lies the problem.

Has boredom set in?

Though you may love and deeply care about someone, a relationship can get boring quickly. It’s important to keep the relationship alive so that the fire keeps burning. Break any routines you have to fix relationship boredom. Try checking out new places, try new things, just do what you can to restore the spontaneous streak in your relationship.

Are your goals still similar?

If you’re looking to get married and start a family while your partner is not, it may be a good sign that the relationship isn’t going to last. Make sure your goals are compatible, because you can’t change someone else and their goals, and you shouldn’t, unless you’re looking to be the resented spouse years down the line.

How happy are you?

Happiness can fade for all sorts of reasons, and if you’re no longer happy or content in your relationship, you have the option of figuring out the problem or getting rid of it altogether. Be honest about what is bugging you in your relationship, but also be ready to address your own faults and be ready for a change.

Do you find yourself thinking about someone else?

If another man is crossing your mind more often than your current partner, it’s obvious that you’re well over your relationship. Nix it.

Is the relationship still equal?

When you’re in a relationship, both people involved need to put forth effort and time. If one person is more committed than the other, problems can easily arise.

Have you truly considered ending it?

If breaking up has already seriously crossed your mind, now is a good time to listen to your gut instinct. Something inside has shifted if you’ve already thought about splitting and just happen to be putting up with your man and this relationship of yours just because.

Communication is gone.

If you struggle to have a conversation or if you struggle to know and understand each other’s feelings, and in a way, don’t care to, the relationship may be a dud.

No has become the new yes.

If your guy has become a no-man, there’s an issue. Rejection sucks, but when it’s continuous, it quickly becomes a problem. Same goes for you. If you no longer feel like compromising or going out of your way for him, chances are, you might be over it. So now what? Fix it or nix it?

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