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I watch a lot of reality TV. Sometimes I’m thoroughly engaged in what I’m watching (pretty much anything on VH1), other times I consider it a part of my job (shout out to We TV), and on a few occasions I can’t find anything else on so I torture myself with mindless marathons (this is usually when the Karashians come into play). But lately I’ve noticed that no matter what channel or caliber of reality TV I’m watching, the same subject keeps popping up among women on the show: egg freezing. Seriously, discussions around the practice have become as commonplace as deciding whether or not to pick up the latest Birkin bag this season.

I was first introduced to this fertility fad, as I’ve now labeled it, getting my weekly fix of “Empire Girls” on the Style Network Sunday nights. Adrienne, at the ripe old age of 28, with no male prospects in site and a bad case of baby mania since recently becoming an aunt, made an appointment with a fertility specialist to discuss the possibility of freezing her eggs. After finding out there was a bit more to it than just having a lengthy, more invasive, pap smear, she decided to place her faith in mother nature and hope that when the time comes, her eggs will still be viable.

Khloe Kardashian had a similar reaction when she found out the true reality of everything that goes into the process, despite the fact that she’s desperate to start a family with her husband Lamar. Her sister Kim, however, (I know, I’ll make this quick) had a different response when she looked at the state of her love life in contrast with her aging 32-year-old body. For her, this whole thing doesn’t seem so bad. I’ll get back to you when I’ve made up my mind about whether that’s because it will give her a new story line on E! or she really does dream about someone calling her mommy one day — and taking an annoying number of twit pics of them.

If you’ve been tuning into “Braxton Family Values” and Tamar and Vince’s new show, you’d know Tamar has already gone through the freezing process for medical reasons and is on a far less scientific hunt for a surrogate to carry the little Hubert they hope to bring into the world one day. And though the episode hasn’t aired yet, on this premiere season of Chrissy and Jim Jones’ new spinoff, it appears the 40-plus reality star is thinking about giving egg freezing a go as well. I realize this procedure is an amazing option for women who can’t get pregnant the good old fashioned way, but does anyone else find it odd that nearly every woman on a reality show is contemplating this decision? It’s not like this procedure just became an option for women in the last year or two, it’s been around for years now.

Not that anyone should be taking their cues from “reality” TV, but as my co-worker pointed out, all the fuss she sees these young women making over freezing their eggs has made her just a bit manic. She wonders if her 30-year-old childless fate is sealed, as she informed me of a host of other TV women who are contemplating this choice like the former countess on the “Real Housewives of New York” and even the “Real World’s” Diem Brown who has to have this procedure done in order to conceive. In most cases, the way these women go about their decision-making process hardly conveys the seriousness of the choice. Being able to afford to freeze one’s eggs is just one part of the battle— and one most real women in fact can’t afford. But the process isn’t as simple as dropping a few stacks on a fertility specialist’s desk and getting your own drawer in a lab refrigerator. The emotional toll is often quite heavy on women, in part from the hormones they are pumped with to increase egg production, and for most real, non-celebrity women, there is also the issue of accepting that they can’t have a child naturally — even though they are grateful to have this other option.

You could say these women are reflective of of the growing population of career ladies who decide to put off children until they’re totally ready — as though having 20-something-year-old eggs will make everything else with their aging body alright, not to mention their male partner whose age also plays into the child’s health. They might even be somewhat similar to the women who are choosing to get married and consequently have kids later in life, but the causual way some of these ladies talk about the choice just makes it seem like another (unfortunate) Hollywood trend as simple as picking up a carton of eggs and popping them in the fridge. I don’t really care how you go about becoming a parent so long as the child is appropriately cared for, all I’m saying is I’d like a new storyline please.

Have you noticed the craze over women freezing their eggs seems to be at an all-time high on reality TV shows?

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