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It has been almost a month since Chris Lighty passed away from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound after an argument with his wife. Although it was ruled a suicide, we know from previous reports that his family wasn’t too confident in the ruling. Mostly because of the fact that they didn’t believe he would ever get to the point where he found that taking his life was the only choice he had left. And especially since he left his children behind to do so. Because of that, Lighty’s mother and family decided to reach out to 50 Cent of all people to help them get some answers. Lighty was 50’s business manager and good friend. The rapper spoke with Fox 5 in NYC about why he got involved and his fond memories of Lighty. He said that if the tables were turned and something like this had happened to him, Lighty would do the same for him. So yes, he has his doubts.

“To be honest with you, there was too much planning to move forward to accept right away that he just shot himself.” To be specific, the two had just signed a contract to do an international tour in 2013 that would have easily pulled Lighty a cool $4 million, so to the rapper doesn’t believe that even with divorce proceeding and debts he owed, that Lighty was THAT strapped for cash. These feelings were the same that the late manager’s mother had, and she brought them to 50 for help, so he offered to pay for an investigation. “I couldn’t tell her no,” he said. “At that point she kind of needed closure and there were so many gray areas and conversations they discussed that surprised me.”

If that wasn’t enough, Lighty’s will also has the family confused. Why? Well, because aside from a $1.6 million trust for his children, everything else the manager owned, including homes and more, was left to his wife, Veronica Lighty (who was soon to be his ex-wife before he passed). The will was put together in 2007, so some are thinking that if he planned to take his life, he would have amended the will.

Before the interview ended, 50 Cent made it clear that he wouldn’t be where he is now without Lighty. From endorsements with Vitamin Water to just helping him get his career off the ground, Lighty was there from day one in 50’s career. “He’s been a part of everything I can make reference to as successful for me. For music, period.”

Investigators are on the case for Lighty’s mother and 50 says he will back the effort until they can obtain conclusive evidence.

What do you think about his family seeking an investigation into Lighty’s death? Could you see where they’re coming from? 

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