No Need NOT To Get Out There: 14 Dating Tips For Single Moms

October 3, 2012  |  
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As a single mom you probably know the ins and outs of parenting and you’re also more than likely a master of play-dates. However, at some point in time you’ll want to go on a real date; a date for you. When you decide to start dating, you’ll probably feel nervous, excited, and anxious all at once! Here are 14 tips to get you back into the swing of dating.

Be straight forward about having a child.

Being truthful is probably a lesson you’ve taught your child, so follow through. If you’re a single mom, let the men you meet and date know.

Don’t over accentuate your child.

Proud moms are known to go on and on about their child. But, when it comes to dating, you have to put yourself first and focus more on you. You’re looking for a partner, so he will want to know who you are rather than your child’s life story.

Take charge of the nerves and butterflies.

Getting back into the groove of dating can be hard! You’re probably nervous and feeling all sorts of different emotions, but you’ll want to turn them into something positive. Dating is a good thing and surely you’ve been through worse than spending some time with a cute guy.

Leave your insecurities at the door.

If things didn’t go right or as planned with your child’s father, don’t sweat it! Instead, see it as an open door and a chance to truly meet that special person for you. Insecurities from past relationships have no room in dating.

Know where to meet people.

As a single mom you may find that the places you visit most often aren’t exactly adult-filled spots. Try going to museums, coffee shops, a park, or somewhere else that is still kid-friendly but more likely to have men your age as well.

Treasure your mom-child relationship.

Even when you start to get deep into dating and really into a guy, remember you’re still a mom! Dates and relationships don’t always work out, but you’ll always have your son or daughter to spend time with.

Don’t hide the fact that you’re dating.

If your child is old enough to understand dating, don’t hide it. Explain the fact that you want to meet new people and make new friends. Don’t linger, but don’t date in secrecy either!

Get physical!

We all have needs, especially those kinds of needs. Though you may have time limits and a set schedule, find ways to be physical with a man you’ve been dating and have a mutual connection and interest with. Mom should play when the kid is away.

Dating shouldn’t be a burden.

If you find that scheduling dates is burdensome and a chore, now may not be a good time to date! You don’t want to have to jump through hoops just to arrange a date. If you’re truly serious about dating, determine your free time and use it wisely.

Don’t seem desperate.

As a single mom you may be more than ready to get out and focus on you again, but you don’t want to come off as desperate to any man that you date. Don’t over emphasize the fact that you’re a single mom and don’t dwell on the lack of dating on your end.

Know when to introduce your child.

When you find someone you like and you’ve gone on a few dates, you don’t want to automatically think that your child has to meet him. Children get attached easily and introducing them to man after man can be confusing. Only introduce your child to someone who you have a stable and strong relationship with.

Try dating someone who isn’t a parent.

Though it may seem odd and it may mean one less thing you have in common, there is nothing wrong with going on a date with a guy who isn’t a date. It’s likely that you’ll have plenty of other things in common. Remember, while you are a mom, you’re still a fun woman who is full of life.

Don’t rush into introducing your ex.

Even if you’re head over heels in love with a guy, there is a right time when you’ll want to introduce him to the father of your child. Unless you’re getting married or living together, keep the two men apart or problems could quickly arise.

Don’t fall into the stereotype of a baby mama.

You’ve heard the songs and truly, nothing good ever comes out of a single mom who is looking for a “baby’s daddy.” If you’re a single mom, don’t put yourself out there as being a woman who needs a man to take care of her child, especially when you begin dating.


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