Let’s Close This Book: Why Tameka Raymond Does Not Need Her OWN Next Chapter Special

September 17, 2012  |  

Oprah’s interviews have been making headlines for years and her latest interview with Usher was no different. In fact, though it is ironically named “Next Chapter”, this chapter of Oprah’s life is reading a lot like the last one where celebrities sat down with the Queen of Talk to Tell. It. All.

In the latest interview that had “Usher” “Oprah” and “NextChapter” all trending on Twitter, the singer opened up about his brief romance with his ex-wife Tameka Raymond and their famous custody battle. He talked about his professional break with his mother and about his hurt when “nobody responded to [my marriage] the way I’d like them to respond”.

He even admitted to not being “faithful all the way” thus confirming rumors that he did, in fact, do the unthinkable by sleeping with one (or more!) of Tameka’s bridesmaids while he was still married. Unfortunately, this tidbit of information was only shocking to those who actually believed the ladies man would leave his “Confessions” days behind after getting hitched. I’m guessing he tried for five minutes but couldn’t resist doing the nasty with other women – likely with his own music providing the soundtrack.

The interview was the typical celebrity sit-down that networks, talk show hosts and journalists secure in order to bring ratings. And, not surprisingly, the interview was the talk of social media last night. What was surprising was the amount of people suggesting Oprah should now sit down with Tameka Raymond.

Yes, people are actually saying that.

Arguing that Tameka should be “allowed to tell her side”, some believe she’s got next on Oprah’s traveling couch. Why? Because apparently people think Oprah is in business to make sure couples get equal airtime when talking about their split. They say it makes her look “biased” to only talk to Usher as if her line of work is not clearly biased toward celebrities. She talked to the most relevant person in the relationship, so to sit down with Tameka now would just make her look petty.

In addition, we’ve heard Tameka’s side. We’ve heard it over and over and over again. And after this Usher/Oprah interview, there’s no doubt we’ll hear her side once again. It’s all reactive and ultimately redundant. Usher’s divorce made headlines not because of who he was married to but because he’s Usher.

Oprah’s job isn’t to seek out some kind of truth or to determine what really happened. She talks to celebrities about their lives from their perspective and she did that with Usher, just like with Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Kelsey Grammar, and countless others. Where was Katie Holmes when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch in 2005? It doesn’t matter because Tom was the story.

Was Usher wrong for stepping out on his marriage? Absolutely. But people trying to shame Oprah into letting Tameka bring down her ratings for a show few in her demographic will bother to watch is silly.

At this point, Usher and Tameka have been divorced longer than they were even married and it’s time to just move on. We suspected that he cheated and he confirmed it. We know Usher is a terrible boyfriend/husband and we knew that before they walked the aisle. Do we need Tameka crying on the couch? And, if so, why stop there? How about bringing the entire cast of I-Married-Someone-Famous on to the show so we can hear what they have to say? “Next Chapter” could be a whole a circus!

Tameka has gained sufficient fame from being married to Usher and she isn’t done maximizing on that. Still, that doesn’t mean that Oprah is somehow obligated to interview her. Yes, there are three sides to every story (his, hers, and the truth), but when it comes to the type of shows Oprah and her ilk are about, there’s only one side that brings the viewers: the celebrity’s. And when the headlines promoting an interview would have to read “Oprah sits down with so-and-so’s ex-wife”, it just doesn’t make sense to do it.

Tameka probably isn’t holding her breath for an invite anyway. Considering that she reportedly pitched a reality show to OWN recently and was denied, she clearly isn’t Oprah’s biggest fan. In fact, yesterday, when “@Akacharleswade” tweeted the ridiculous:

Oprah is using the Blacks for ratings. When OWN launched, it was… “different”. Now mama wanna come “home”. Chile.”

Tameka responded “Yep”.

Well, when Oprah hears about all this “Next Chapter should feature Tameka Raymond next” nonsense, she’ll likely respond: “Nope”.

What do you think? Am I totally off base here? Should Oprah interview Tameka Raymond? Why or why not?

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