True Life: Something Crazy Happened At The Club…

September 14, 2012  |  

Linda: Used the rest room and lined the toilet with toilet paper. Came out of the restroom with a few a ply or 2 handing down from my mini skirt. Of course I was walking around like the queen of the Nile and felt quite embarrassed when I was told to “you have tissue hanging from your skirt”. Sat in the corner after that!

Oneika: I went out with some friends reluctantly one New Years Eve to a club I would call questionable against my better judgement. After being there about a hour I was having a great time and felt like I could relax. This really cute nicely dressed guy asked me to dance so I did. As we danced I noticed that every time I made eye contact with him he would look downward in an exaggerated manner toward the floor. After he did it about four times I looked down and lo and behold there was his “weed wacker” flopping around in living color for all to see..I couldn’t believe it. I was so insulted I told my friends boyfriend and we lured him to the rest room and lets just say the paramedics helped him to the parking lot.

Sha- care- uh: this girl tried to get me to sit on her boyfriend’s lap while he tried to get us to kiss each other. they wanted a menage

Caryn: A drunk girl kicked a drink on me (she was on stage) so I ordered water to throw in her face. Couldn’t waste a real drink…I am not ashamed.

‘Kee: I was 19 and wearing some extremely short shorts. I bent over to tie my shoes (yep..I had on sneakers in the club LoL) and this dude grabbed my bootie. I turned around and punched him….and he hit me back. He laid my a** out Ike Turner style! He got beat up by some other dudes, but I NEVER wore those shorts or hit another man again

Taenika: this guy pulled my hair twice bc i wouldn’t dance with him after the 2nd time i was ready to fight. The man that became the father of my child intervened & he didn’t know me. Jay to the rescue lol

Shontelle: some guy sucked on his fingers and flicked his spit at me. Needless to say I was horrified…

Monae: A guy offered to buy me a drink. I said Sprite & turned my head I saw him signal to the bartender to spike so I left the bar

Tiffany: I had a guy stick his finger down the back of my pants. He literally touched the top of my butt crack with his finger tip. Needless to say he left wearing my Washington Apple. The best $12 I ever wasted at the bar 🙂

Lorraine: I found my date engaged in a lewd act with another girl on the dance floor. I left him right there & never looked back.

Miss Toya: A guy asked me to buy him a drink. I was flabbergasted. Is this what goes on these days? Guys ASK for drinks?

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