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If you’ve been watching “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” you know that Momma Dee is…a character. She calls herself the “Queen of Soul.” Now, whether that’s the case or not, Momma Dee still has a lot to say about her relationship with her son, her thoughts on Erica vs. Shay and how people don’t know her well enough from reality show clips to judge her as a person. I will admit, that there’s some truth to that, because I surely didn’t know that Momma Dee was college educated or a nurse. She addressed all of the following issues, in an exclusive interview with Mara The Hip-Hop Socialite. Check out highlights from the interview below.


Her infamous misspelling

“When you go to my website, at, my t-shirts, the word’s order, the letters is backwards. It’s all about my branding. It’s gotta be in my order, not in the world’s order. I’m the Queen of the South – it has to be in my order.”
“But I think Webster’s Dictionary is kinda mad at me because no one wants to spell it right right now.”


On her relationship with Erica
“There’s been some attitude issues. Like when I’m in the same room, you can cut the smoke with a knife. But she’s young, I’m old enough to be her mama, and she stay in her lane, I’ll stay in mine. In a nutshell, even before she had my granddaughter 7 years ago, she was jealous of me and Scrappy’s relationship. She don’t like the closeness; she feels inferior to that. She like to have control. She can have all the control she want ’cause I ain’t fin’ to tongue wrestle or get in the ring with her with gloves on. I don’t have to. I am the Queen of the South, and I will remain on my post, and I will remain on my throne. If she violates, trust me, he’ll see what he got. Me going at him, it ain’t going to do nothing but bring them closer. I got enough matureness in me to know that. Because you know, when you’re a devil, you’re a devil, and sooner or later, he will see your horns.”


About her dancing on the pole
“For my haters, for them to say something about it in a negative way. ‘Cause somebody inboxed Scrappy and said, ‘you need to check your mom’. And his response was, ‘my mom is beautiful, she’s fine,’ and it seems like the pole does the body good. So at the end of the day, there are women around the world that are putting poles in their bedrooms to keep their marriages and sex lives active and imaginative. You got them taking pole lessons, so at the end of the day, I’m a girly girl, and I did that with all my clothes on.”
“I’m not dead yet. My God, don’t put me in a casket yet. When it’s over, let it be over, but for right now, I’m living, and I had on all my clothes.”


On whether or not we can expect a physical altercation on the reunion
“There are a lot, but no one touched. No one got a chance. I have a headache every time I tell people to just tune in, like I get a headache instantly because it’s like oh my God! The world is going to put a straitjacket on everybody but me. For your viewers, I want them to know that I took four Advil during the taping, and two were gel caps. When I tell you that the world needs to buckle up, sit back, ’cause from where I was sitting and what I saw and what I lived through, the reunion is better than all 10 episodes!”
“My headache extended long after the taping. I’m drama, but you know what, put us all in the same room…oh my God.”


You can listen to the full interview with Mama Dee, where she talks about her thoughts on K. Michelle’s situation and a mother’s love in the video below.


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