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By popular demand, we bring you more one hit wonders!  I’m convinced that there really has to be a way for each of us to make one really great song and have it blow up so we can pay our bills or do something cool.  Check out who we managed to think of this time around and make sure to add your favorite one hit wonder song in the comments!

Sam Salter

I recall seeing Sam’s video for “After 12, Before 6” and thinking to myself, “He’s never going to be famous.”  He had a decent voice but there were so many other artists out that he didn’t really stand a chance.  Sam was poised to be like the Trey Songz of the 90s but there were so many really talented people out that he pretty much got lost in a shuffle.


Before I even heard their song “That’s How It’s Gonna Be,” I had high hopes for the group because they were under Sisqo’s label.  He is such a perfectionist when it comes to his own vocal ability that I knew they were going to have talent. And they did.  “That’s How It’s Gonna Be” was a pretty successful single in 2002 (yes, that would make them the babies of this list) but that was about it.  Remember they sat on top of a house Set It Off style? I seem to be the only one who caught that.  Anyway, they recorded an album but it was never released due to record label changes.  We never heard from them again.

Uncle Sam

Sam was a product of Boyz II Men and you could hear it all through his one and only single, “I Don’t Ever Wanna See You Again.”  His voice was amazing and he sang with such conviction but none of that was enough for him to be more famous and successful because he vanished right after the hype of the song died down.

Pure Soul

If you don’t remember these ladies, I need you to immediately head over to Youtube and look up “We Must Be In Love.”  It was great to see another girl group in the 90s that had so much talent.  The problem, again, was that there was just so much other talent out and the R&B world was already saturated with music.  Their harmonies were amazing though.


When you get somewhat of a “pretty” male group together, that’s likely a recipe for disaster and U.N.V. definitely fell into that group. Their video for their one hit single, “Something’s Going On” was on heavy rotation on all the music stations (they still played videos back then) and I sang it like I knew what they were feeling (my mark of a great song has almost always been how hard I sing it, lol).  Unfortunately, things were not to be and they were ultimately dropped from their label.


Oh so you don’t recognize the name, huh? Well let me say one word: Splackavelli.  It’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it?  Silly name for a song and description of a man who likes to take care of his woman but it worked. All the ladies knew they wanted their own “Splackavelli”  even if the word made no sense.  The song was extremely popular in the South but after the hype of it died down, their was really nothing else left for Pressha to sing about.  He should be happy though: every once in a blue moon I still hear women jokingly say they’re looking for a Splackavelli.

Gina Thompson

Sadly, if you were an artist under Missy Elliott’s label back in the day, there was a strong chance that you wouldn’t really be more famous than one hit song.  Such was the fate of Gina Thompson.  She had the summer of ’96 rockin’ with her single, “The Things You Do,” which was produced by both Missy and Puff Daddy.  She fell off the scene after that.  Gina actually tried for a comeback about four years ago but that was a complete disaster.  At least she’ll always have that one single because it still ROCKS.

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