Why I Still Rock With Lupe Fiasco…Even Though He Be Talking Crazy

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I remember thinking, Oh, Lupe why? For someone who isn’t interested or even involved in politics, you sure have a lot to say about it. And as an American with liberties, there’s nothing constitutionally wrong with that.  But doesn’t this whole argument sound very similar to the Republicans claiming that President Obama kills babies because he believes women should have the right to an abortion if they so choose? Same thing.

There is a whole lot wrong with our government, this we know. I had and still have high hopes for President Obama but I never felt, for one second, that he would be able to alleviate the country of its centuries of corruption. He’s one man with 8 years…at best. Yes, I’ll agree war is a terrible thing and there are casualties, and though his title includes being Commander in Chief, it doesn’t mean he has exact say so over what goes down at the ground level. And even still, Lupe, who’s never denied being from the hood, has also acknowledged that he has friends who are involved in every level of criminal activity there is. So… you can be friends with people who literally kill people with their own hands? It all sounds so very hypocritical.

Even though, there is truth to his words, I was a little disgusted with Lupe. His words just struck me as counterproductive in the grand scheme of things because honestly, what other options, political and military, would he employ, if given that power?

I can’t say I swore off his music, I was just going to proceed with caution because it seemed like homeboy had, as they say, “changed.”

Then I checked out his single, “B**ch Bad,” an analysis of the prevalence of the word and the negative effect it has on our children. I can’t help but respect that. Alright, I resigned Lupe is chatty but he still cares, particularly about people and is working to counteract all the negative messaging we’ve been receiving through Hip Hop.

I was assured of this fact earlier this week during one of my daily, digital excursions on Tumblr. If you’re familiar, you know that you can literally spend hours on the collection of blogs, lost in the images and information. It was there that I learned that writer dream hampton has a Tumblr. (Instant follow.) As I was stalking perusing her page, I stumbled upon this video of Lupe talking about his old neighborhood and the people in it. His words and his emotions touched me. I can’t accurately describe it, so I’ll embed it below. (Watch the full 9 minutes if you have time, but if you want to get to the part I’m referencing, click to the 3:49 mark.)

That was real to me. And I could see where his heart was then and still is today. He cares… visibly cares about the community he came from and communities around the world. And I’m not just talking about his tears being the evidence of that. His philanthropic and charitable efforts echo that sentiment. Though, I can’t say I fully support the way he went about attacking the president, specifically his word choice, I can say that I will genuinely and in good conscience, support the rare Hip Hop artist who, despite a couple of side eye worthy moments, is really what he says he’s about.

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