Only In Detroit: Man On The Loose After Shooting Three-Year-Old Girl He Allegedly Called A “Ho”

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The gun violence in Detroit has to stop.

Just before a public meeting where Detroit’s police department planned to praise their progress in cutting crime, the Police Chief was called away because a man had just shot a three-year-old after calling her a “ho”.

According to MyFoxDetroit:

Latina Edwards told police that her 3-year-old daughter was hit when a 20-year-old neighbor opened fire on them with a shotgun.

Edwards says it all began when the man, in his 20s, made disrespectful comments to Amyria Parham, 3, and her 9-year-old sister.

“I told him don’t talk to my daughter [any] more because he was calling her and her friend hoes. My daughter is three years old. She [doesn’t] know what a hoe is.”

The child’s father got involved in the fight. Latina and Amyria ran towards the family van. Latina said he was high on ecstasy and Xanax.

“As I’m trying to get away in the van, he said give me my [expletive]. They passed him the gun, and he shot the vehicle. He [knew there] wasn’t [anybody] else in that van but me and my daughter.”

Latina, who is also five months pregnant, said they now have no place to go because the suspect’s family vandalized their home after the shooting.

“I just heard they’re trying to burn my house down. They broke in my house, kicked both of my doors in. They busted out all my windows in my house. The sisters poured gasoline all over me and my daughter[‘s] clothes.”

She said police promised her housing, but didn’t come through.

“They’re trying to put us in the home, the shelter with homeless people and drug users and everything, and that’s not safe for my daughter to go.”

She also said police told her the suspect was in custody, so she was safe to tell them what really happened.

“I felt better when they told me they have this man in custody, but it’s a lie. He’s still out there.”

Latina said she staying with family for now.

We talked to Detroit police after the interview. Sergeant Erin Stephens told us they offered Latina a place to stay in a domestic violence women’s shelter, which is standard. She was very sympathetic to what Latina is going through, but said with Detroit’s budget the just don’t have the money to put people up in hotels.

Stephens also explained that she spoke with all of the officers who are working the case. They told her they never said the suspect was in custody.

At the scene, the chief told The Detroit Free Press (Freep):

“We don’t believe the child was the target of violence. We have identified the shooter and we’re going to work all night to bring him into custody.”

That was Tuesday, yet they still haven’t made an arrest. Did they arrest the person who passed the guy the gun? Did they arrest the people who subsequently broke into the victims’ house and vandalized all of their property? Detroit is saying crime is down, but there still seems to be a lot of unchecked crime going on.

Lt. Nick Giaquinto of the Crime Analysis Unit says that the city’s homicide rate for the second quarter was down 15%, from 106 in 2011 to 90 this year. And the city’s overall rate of violent crime was down about 5% for the quarter, compared with last year, according to Freep.

Of course, if you let the commenters on these stories who live in Detroit tell it, reported crime is down not actual crime. They say that people aren’t reporting crimes as often because nothing is done to catch the criminals and, if the police show up, it’s likely the crime won’t be investigated.

It’s pretty telling when law enforcement gather to pat themselves on the back, only to have to disperse to investigate a toddler being shot by a guy who got away. They know the suspect’s name is Vern and they know where he lives, yet he’s still on the loose.

Little Amyria is reportedly recovering (physically at least).

You can watch the news story below:

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