Do You Suffer From I Just Want To Prove He’ll Put a Ring On It Disease?

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We already know Evelyn has been up and down the football field and basketball court when it comes to men. She’s been engaged before. She’s no spring chicken and the miles on her you know what are just about to exceed the set limit of rewards one receives for going that hard. She may be like Kim Kardashian in terms of having a short-lived marriage but as many have observed before, Kim K. gets a courtesy pass on her man-hopping that no woman of color could ever expect to receive. There aren’t too many other men in the world besides Ochocinco who would have married Evelyn. That number likely decreased to zero at news that she will soon be a divorcee.

Sure, Evelyn could have just called off the wedding before even becoming Mrs. Ochocino, while her husband changed his last name to Johnson, (sign number one she effed up), but then she’d still just be another woman who was always a bridesmaid and never a bride. Yes, it’s still horrifically embarrassing to find out, or for the world to find out, that your husband cheated on you so quickly. But now Chad looks like the villain and she reaps some sympathy, even it runs about as shallow as her tears on last season’s BBW reunion.

I don’t doubt that at some point the promise of a $300,000 paycheck for her spinoff with Chad and the allure of other endorsement deals and an extended 15 minutes of fame played into Evelyn’s decision to go through with marrying Chad. But I also know how strong the desire to get married is for some women – not the wish to be a wife – the desire to simply make it across that threshold and say “I did it” like it’s a 5K run to prove someone finds you marriageable. To prove you aren’t a single-lady statistic. And to prove that you weren’t wrong when you distanced yourself from all your friends and the people who really love you just to keep up the façade of the perfect relationship. Except in this case, the egg is still on Evelyn’s face —  and now her bank account. Sure, she’ll ride out this victim of domestic abuse train until she can’t stomach it anymore, and another payday will present itself, but I don’t think she ever could have imagined the consequences for placing more emphasis on being a bride than a wife could have ever been so grave.

Almost any woman can get a man to put a ring on it; it’s actually expecting him to be committed to you in multiple ways and getting him to live up to the vows promising to respect, honor, and obey that’s the real struggle. As these two proved, some folks just aren’t cut out for the job — not that they didn’t know that long before July 4.

Do you think Evelyn just got married to prove critics wrong about her and Chad or was it really apart of some master plan to become even more famous?

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