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That’s Evelyn Lozada’s hand right there with Chad’s, rocking a blinged-out wedding ring that she unfortunately wore for less time than her engagement ring given the news that she just filed for divorce from her husband Chad Johnson.

Most people are looking at this situation as the most calculated marriage scheme since Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, which sadly didn’t happen all that long ago. That Evelyn knew exactly what she was doing when she met Chad, got him to propose, married him, got into an altercation, put out a statement on domestic abuse, and finally filed for divorce. That it was all part of her master plan to increase the brand that is Evelyn Lozada and become the reality TV victim rather than the bully she’s come to be known as.

That’s one theory on this situation and then there’s the one I have about what’s going on. I do believe Evelyn knew exactly what she was doing when she married Chad, but I don’t think it was about –or all about—a paycheck, endorsements, and changing her image. I think she was trying to prove to naysayers that someone would wife her — I wouldn’t exactly call this a marriage—and that she and Chad would make it down the aisle, even if they would be in divorce court six weeks later as they are now.

I’m honestly not convinced that Evelyn is a lot different from most women, bullying aside. The reason no one is surprised that these two are divorcing is because we were all waiting for one of them to get the memo on the train wreck that was their relationship. Most of us didn’t understand how they couldn’t see what we did every time they were on camera together, or a part for that matter, and actually I’m pretty sure they did see it, they just ignored it, to their own demise as many couples do. Evelyn is no saint and the numerous ways in which Chad has screwed himself by this colossal mistake of hooking up with Ev requires an entirely separate post. But when it comes to Ochocinco, head butt aside, there isn’t a single person out here who is thinking, “hmmm, I wonder why Chad changed so quickly after the wedding?” That’s because he didn’t. He’s been the same person from day one. We knew it, Evelyn knows it, and Evelyn even expected it.

We all remember the infamous conversation during this past season of “Basketball Wives” when Evelyn explicitly told Chad:

“I want you to be 100 with me. I’d rather know. Tell me1 I wanna know. Go to the pharmacy and get condoms. I’mma be sick like a motherf–ker but what can I do but respect you and know that you’re telling me the truth rather than hide it. Because at the end of the day you don’t have to tell me nothing. I don’t want to have to babysit you but I’d rather you be real with me because Lord knows what could happen.”

Ol’ boy when to the pharmacy and got the condoms, why you mad Ev? Most people are thinking Evelyn probably didn’t expect Chad to cheat so soon, but I’d like to know if there was ever a time their relationship when they were exclusive? The sheer fact that she had to have that conversation speaks volumes. It wasn’t the typical pre-marital discussion a couple would have laying down expectations should they find themselves feeling sexually attracted to someone else down the line or possibly thinking they may cheat. This was please don’t bring me any diseases and let me know if I need to get tested. We were all as sick as Evelyn said she would be finding out Chad cheated when we watched her have this conversation with him, and it’s actually somewhat surreal that the behavior she outlined back in March is exactly what happened this past weekend.

So why would a woman even take the risk of walking down the aisle with a man like this? To try to prove someone would marry her. To attempt to save the face that is now cracked on the floor from critics who never thought they had a chance. To avoid admitting everyone else was right, including the best friend she lost over this man. Some women would rather be able to say they were a Mrs. for however many days, hours, or weeks it lasts simply to say, someone put a ring on it.

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