Leave The Chapstick At Home: Ways To Impress Your Boss And Get A Raise Without Kissing Butt

September 14, 2012  |  

At first glance, you’re probably thinking that this is about teaching you how to kiss some major behind. No, not quite, you will not have to buy a new stick of Chapstick to follow the guidelines here. This is not about kissing butt or giving unnecessary compliments to your boss that you don’t really mean, but rather about drawing attention to your skills and learning how to get credit for your hard work. There is nothing wrong with putting yourself in situations that will display your character and what it is that you have to offer.  Here’s exactly how to do it:

Don’t miss deadlines

Don’t squeeze in that stop at the coffee shop when deep down you know you’re running late. First and foremost, before you can go the extra mile, it’s important that you are at least satisfying the minimum requirements of your position. There’s no point in trying to impress your boss if you are constantly showing up late to work, slacking on your assignments, or missing deadlines. You have to be a good employee before you can be a great employee. Follow the rules and regulations set forth by your company.

Take initiative

If you see one of your co-workers struggling with a task, don’t just walk away because it’s your lunchtime…take initiative. You shouldn’t have to be told to do something needed before you offer to do it.  Not only would you want the same help if you were in their position, but as the saying goes, what goes around comes around. If you lend a helping hand to your colleagues, or ask your boss if there’s any extra tasks that they may need help with, you will not only be showing what you’re knowledgeable about and what you have to offer. At some point, you will receive credit for your hard work whether it be through receiving a promotion or using what you’ve done as good experience for future opportunities.


Don’t worry; this isn’t as bad as it may sound. Yes, it is most ideal to be paid for your work, but what if the things you are volunteering to do don’t feel like work at all? These include organizing social events for coworkers or planning fun activities for staff members. In most workplaces, something like this would be called a “social committee.”  What’s most beneficial about being an employee with spirit is that rather than show off your work-related skills, it will draw attention to your amazing character. What a great way to show that you’re a kind, friendly and fun person to be around then to help plan fun things for the office.  Sure it might not get you a raise, but it will definitely put you in a position to ask for a raise later. Plus, it will get your name out there to those at the company who matter that might not have known that you existed before.

Quality over quantity

It’s one thing to make deadlines, but it’s another thing to actually hand in something that deserves to go straight into the trash. You’ve heard this saying time and time again…”quality over quantity.” There’s no point in taking on extra tasks if you’re doing them all wrong and constantly making mistakes. Yup, your boss will put an end to those extra tasks pretty fast if you can’t do them properly. Make sure you are doing things right by checking them over, and using proper guidelines.

Ask for feedback

Sometimes when you want something, all you have to do is ask. It’s important that you regularly ask your boss for feedback. Not only will this help you to improve your skills by knowing what to work on, but it will also show your boss that you are eager to learn and want to be the best employee you can. By speaking to your boss regularly, you can go from being just a regular employee who meets expectations to an extraordinary employee who exceeds expectations. This will help you gain that competitive advantage that will help you move up the ladder.

Love your job

There’s no point in following any of these tips if you don’t love the job you’re doing and the work environment that you’re in. If you actually care about your job and the well-being of the company, you will naturally find yourself doing the things that will prove how great of an employee you are and what you’re capable of. If you don’t actually love your job, you’re not going to care to do any of the things that will help you impress your boss. Even if you somehow manage to trick yourself into thinking you like your job, your real feelings will be reflected in your mood and in your work, by making careless mistakes, or by even trying to cut corners. In other words, the odds will be stacked against you. Do yourself a favor and put yourself in the right mood to succeed. You can create the atmosphere you’re in.

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