Men Are Like Chips, You Can’t Have Just One: The 5 Boos You Need In Your Life

August 10, 2012  |  

It’s only early August which means there’s still plenty of time to find and settle down with a winter boo. (When the weather is bad you usually only have time for one man.) But when temperatures are hot and the sun is still shining past seven, chances are you’re out too and meeting a lot more people than you would any other season. Women are known for wanting to find that one “perfect” man in the world who has all the qualities they’re looking for and settle down with him like yesterday, but when that’s not happening fast enough, you might want to supply yourself with a handful of fellas to satisfy your different needs while you hold out for the one.

We all have different needs but there are a few standard boos you could probably use in your life right now, here are our suggestions:

The Boopolis

This is the man who is everthing, the main boo so to speak. You would make him your boyfriend if you just wanted to have that label but it’s something about him that keeps you two from going to the next level. So, he stays a boo rather than a boyfriend. The good thing is aside from the one or two things that keep you from making him your man, he’s a pretty decent package. This is they guy you’d probably call after a tough day at work to vent or who will send you the sweet “have a good day” texts in the morning, he’s also the only boo you’d let have the goodies without a commitment. But since, unlike women, men don’t give girls who aren’t their girlfriends priority all the time, you’re going to need some other boos to fill his void when he tells you “no” to whatever your request is. Hence the other boos below.

The Side Boo

The side boo is just a few notches below the main boo. He’s still a good dude, but has even more things to fix than the regular boo before he could even possibly be your man. So, on those occasions when the main man is acting up, who you gonna call? Not ghost busters, the side boo. He knows his role, he’s “Mr. Yeah,” as The Dream would say. He rushes in as the knight in shining armor when other guys act up and will work overtime to raise his place from sidepiece to regular. The good thing is you don’t have to feel like you’re taking advantage of him when you don’t elevate his place in your life because he already knows what’s up. Just make sure you don’t sleep with him in a moment of frustration with the regular boo. Boo-dom’s not supposed to get that complicated.

The Brunch Boo

There are some men who simply love to take a woman out to dinner and wine and dine her, and if you’re a woman that lives for weekend brunches, then a brunch boo is a must. Sure you can go lunch with your girls but sometimes you just want male company and the brunch boo is always down to be it. There’s no pressure, you all are borderline just friends, but the healthy amount of flirting that goes on between you two is enough to give you much-needed ego boosts every now and then, and keep each other as possibilities just in case you ever want to cross that line somewhere in the future.

The Beverage Boo

Anybody out there have that go-to guy friend you can call up to do have a drink and who always insists he pay? That’s the beverage boo. Let me be clear, you’re not using him. Like the side boo he knows his role, and like the brunch boo, he’s more than happy to fill it. So much of men’s reason for going out is to feel like the man who runs the city and sometimes just having eye candy in the shape of you on his arm is enough repayment for the tab you run up at the bar. The good thing is he’s your boo, but not your boo-boo so he’d never take advantage if you have one too many and you know you’ll get home safe. Lushes, get you one of these.

The Turnt Up Boo

Chances are the real boo isn’t trying to hit the club with you because as we’ve discussed plenty of times before, that’s just a breeding ground for relationship troubles. But, the turnt up boo has no problem hitting the dance floor with you on a Saturday night, and the best thing about clubbing with this guy is he knows the night ends after the last song. You don’t have to worry about him grabbing your booty or getting too close on the dance floor, but he’s an excellent barrier between you and the other men at the club who would gladly do so if he weren’t there. He’s probably the boo you reach out to the least but he’s always down to ride when you want to hit the town.

What other types of boos would you suggest women get in their life?

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