I’m Gone…But I’ll Be Back: Why Emily and Mimi Are In The Same Exact Boat (Whether They Like It Or Not)

August 21, 2012  |  

While browsing Necole Bitchie not too long ago, I came across the most laughable post. Emily, from the original “Love & Hip Hop” was quoted as saying that she has issues with being compared to the women of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” namely Mimi Faust. Emily claimed,

“You know I get a little upset when they compare characters because I’m nothing like any of those women. My story is not like any of those stories. I don’t see Fab in any of those men in that show at all. No offense to them, but nobody knows [how it is]. Y’all get to see the Stevie J’s and the Lil’ Scrappy’s and nobody really knows who Fab is or what he does or what he’s about. People just make assumptions and it really bothers me because he was never on camera for you to make that assumption so people really don’t know.”

I think Emily forgets all the montages of her crying and complaining about Fab’s indiscretions. Remember the infamous scene where she was left to do a family shoot without him? I certainly do. Obviously, those of us who watch do not know the intricacies of her relationship with the father of her child, but we have seen and heard enough (especially from Emily herself) to know that she really is no different than Mimi of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.”

Emily is in the same boat as Mimi because their lack of self-esteem allows them to put up with emotionally daunting issues in their relationships. Infidelity and abandonment constitutes as emotional abuse in my book, and due to having a low image of themselves, these women return to relationships that serve them these matters in heaping sizes. If Emily was in a healthy relationship, that was preserved behind close doors and not in front of the world on VH1, of course everyone would find such comparisons to be ludicrous. But this is not the case.

Emily and MiMi have made these men their world; forging their careers on their lackluster relationships for the world to see. They both have had to deal with past (and in Mimi’s case, present) mistresses in scenes that force me to label their shows as, “As The ‘Hood Turns.” So please tell me what Emily is getting upset about, because she shares so many similarities with these other women. If anything, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is probably forcing her to look in a mirror to face the pain and humiliation she has called her reality for so long.

Emily’s malady is that she uses other people’s issues as a barometer to judge her own. She truly believes that Mimi is in a completely different vessel than her, because of the drama playing out with Stevie J and Joseline. Emily’s mentality of “oh, we’re not THAT bad,” stifles her growth and clouds her vision. She’s looking at the minute details of Mimi’s fiasco of a relationship and disregarding the bigger issue, which is that the main themes that dominate Mimi’s storyline have also dominated hers. We saw on last night’s season finale that Mimi pulled the same stunt as Emily did at the end of season one of the original L&HH: she let it be known that she wasn’t going to put up with her man’s bull anymore. But of course, we’ve already seen Mimi and Stevie walking around town together, pretending to be paparazzi darlings, while Stevie continues to suck face and grab a** with Joseline in front of cameras too. It’s just like when Emily played Miss Independent in season two and then was seen defending her relationship with Fab and Instagraming photos of the two together after the fact. Same boats, just different captains.

I think we all know someone like Emily. The person who tries to bring attention to the leaves scattered in your yard, while paying no mind to the dead tree lying in theirs. After reading her quote on Necole’s site and watching last night’s finale of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” I smirked and muttered, “Denial is not only a river in Egypt.” But now, I may also add to this well-worn cliche – Denial is also a defense mechanism for the broken.

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