Yeezy and His “Perfect B****” Are a Perfect Match: The Importance of Dating Someone With The Same Values

August 8, 2012  |  


According to Gawker, who got their info from XXL

“I wrote the song Perfect B**** about Kim,” Kanye West tweeted yesterday, referencing the new song he unveiled in NYC over the weekend.

“Perfect B****,” reportedly featured on the upcoming G.O.O.D Music compilation, Cruel Summer, was rumored to be about Yeezy’s current girlfriend, Kim K.

One person in attendance at PH-D Rooftop Lounge described the song like this: “(He raps) verses about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the ‘perfect b****.'”

Not quite the stuff of Hallmark cards and Shakespeare, but if she likes it, I love it.

And apparently, she does. According to EURweb, by way of TMZ, “Kim is telling friends, “I’m honored. I love it,” adding, “I know he doesn’t mean it in a negative way when he says the word ‘b****.’”

Now that this budding controversy is settled, let’s move on to what I really want to talk about: Don’t you think that Kim K and Kanye are the perfect match?

Okay, before you roll your eyes…HEY, I said don’t roll your eyes at me…hear me out:

It wasn’t that long ago that the longtime pals decided to take their romance public. We started seeing more and more of them together, holding hands, dressing alike, and posing for the paparazzi. We were even treated to affectionate tweets between the two, including a photo of the authentic (*snickers loudly*) soul food dinner — complete with two of the most soggy chicken wings I have ever seen this side of lukewarm grease – Kim K decided to whip up for her boo.

It would be easy to pass this fling off as a publicity stunt, but these days it’s hard to deny that the two are like kindred spirits. For instance, both of their names begin with a K. Both are superficial as all hell, sharing a mutual love of Louis Vuitton, expensive jewelry, gaudy furs and other designer fashions. Both find themselves a dedicated source of controversy. From Kimye’s sex tapes and 72-day nuptials with Kris Humphries to Yeezy’s constant stream of diarrhea of the mouth, public tantrums and angry songs over his last girlfriend Amber Rose, neither of them really have squeaky clean reputations.  Even fellow Chicago rapper Common acknowledges the natural chemistry between these two, saying in an interview, “Oh man, they are great — they are a great match.”

Likewise, the union of these two powerhouses has the potential for a nice return on their investment.  There is already talk of a Kim and Kanye shoe line. And even more talk about wedding bells in the near future, which would bring about a ratings bonanza if they decide to publicize it. Of course, they will. They are Kim Kardashian and Yeezy. I used to find them annoying when they were separate, but now that they have joined forces, there’s no denying that the couple is unstoppable – sort of like Mighty Morphin Power Rangers powering up to become Zord.

What I love most about their relationship is how it kind of reaffirms everything that I always suspected was the key to finding the right person. There is a whole industry dedicated to telling you the 20 reasons you don’t have a man, or how you have to think like a man, or how many days you have to wait in order to get a man. Yet few will acknowledge that finding the perfect match is not about changing oneself or playing silly games with the opposite (in some cases same) sex, but rather finding someone, who compliments your weaknesses as much as they highlight your positives.

The old saying is true: like attracts like. So many folks are walking around, trying to catch the gaze of people who meet some societal standards of a good mate that they missed their opportunities to truly build with someone, who shares the same values – no matter how messed up those values are. Remember when Kim’s ex-husband Kris thought that he could turn her into a wholesome Midwest housewife?  She cut out on him before he could even put a down payment on a nice little ticky tacky house in a gated community.

If you are a superficial twerp with a penchant for money and the fast life, then more than likely get yourself a dude, who enjoys profiling in his Porsche and wearing sunglasses indoors. If you are a woman, who enjoys sitting on a couch, being lazy and eating, then find yourself a dude who has a Netflix account and buy one-get one free coupons to the all you can eat buffet.  If you are a dude who has two strikes for armed robbery, than find yourself a woman who knows how to properly drive a get-away car (kidding!). Point is, love is about discovery. First discovery and accepting who you are – and that includes the good stuff and the not so good stuff – before you can learn to go out and love – and be loved by the right somebody else.

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