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Okay, so you know what you want.  You wanted a better job, so you applied for one.  You wanted a mate, you started dressing up to go to the grocery store.  You wanted a house, you started saving up money for one.  First, let me applaud you for taking whatever big step you have decided to take, because that takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and be optimistic that you’ll reap a positive reward.  Now, after some people take these big steps they sit back and think:  “Ah yes, now all I have to do is play the waiting game” while they twiddle their thumbs, right? Some people just recline and wait after putting themselves out there, but others, the smart ones, are able to take their destinies in their own hands by putting in additional effort to help achieve their goals.  Life is usually never as simple as waiting to be discovered and sometimes it pays to be active while you’re waiting.

Here are some examples of when you should do a little something more:

Being Active While Looking for a Job

I once got some extremely bad advice about interviewing from someone in a position of authority.  The person told me that when I interview I should tell them how bad I need the job, explain whatever dire consequences I was experiencing, and the truth that in five years I planned to be as far away from that company as possible.  By no surprise, I didn’t get the job.

While applying for others I came across an article about proper interviewing etiquette that told me that everything I just did was wrong.  But on top of that, I saw articles that depicted different scenarios that could appear in job interviews.  I read  article after article about what interviewers are looking for when you answer their questions, what makes your resume appealing to potential employers and so on.  After reading all of this, I revamped, and was soon hired.

Being Active After Applying for a Job

So you wanted a better job with better pay, you applied. Now, what else is there to do?  If this is something that you’re passionate about and it’s not just a means to another paycheck, try to make sure that if/when you do get that job that you embody as many of the company’s mission statement’s qualities as possible.  Look for your weak spots and try to improve them.  You’re good at communication but not too well at computers?  Take the time to learn the different programs and systems.  Take a class on it, or study up online or at the library.

Then, if you do get that interview, it’s always customary to do a follow up by sending a thank you card.

Actively Waiting While You’re Waiting for The One

So, you have your idea about the person that you want to be with for the rest of your life.  You might not know who he/she is, but you have your criteria checklist memorized and you’re judging all potentials to it.  However, do you meet the criteria of someone else’s list?

I’m not big on people being hard on themselves, but if you judge someone from a pretty rigid standard, shouldn’t you hold yourself to the same standard?  Don’t want a drunk, put down the bottle yourself.  Don’t want to feel a fold in someone’s back fat, join a gym.

Instead of waiting for the perfect person, make sure that you’re the best you that you can be.

Actively Waiting while contemplating making a big purchase

Not too many people aspire to just live with their parents for the rest of their lives, or constantly take public transportation.  For those who hope for better for themselves, try to make sure that you do things to help yourself out when you’re ready for that big purchase.

Remember that old credit card you got when you were in college, maxed out during Spring Break, and then decided not to pay it?  Those types of incidences can negatively impact your credit score, and credit score can be the deciding factor between a Benz and a Pinto, a house and an apartment.

If you have to, go to a financial adviser and pinpoint what little things you can work on to help yourself out as much as you can in the future.  Once you start chopping away at some of your frivolous debts you can start being aided in making more substantial purchases.

Actively Waiting when you have a talent

Do you sometimes watch television shows and movies and think:  “Man, if I had that role I’d do it like this…”  So you find local auditions and try out, and that’s all you do; go to auditions.  Maybe include an acting class in your schedule?  There are people who have raw talent and never had to go to an acting class, but it wouldn’t hurt to go while you wait.  As with everything in life, we never know the answers and it could help to get a little direction from someone with more experience and a fresh, unbiased perspective.

This is the truth with any talent.  I felt like I had a talent for writing, so I majored in English and took a lot of Rhetoric classes to help me along with way.  Are you a great chef?  Take a cooking course just to hammer out the basics.

Once you feel like you have good foot hold on your talent, get yourself out there.  That amazing talent is being wasted if you’re the only person who knows it is you.  Want to write?  Write a book. (or an eBook, so easy!)  Want to be a chef?  Cater a few family functions.  Once you begin to branch your talent outside of your mind, you’ll be able to reach the milestones you were waiting for.  Opportunity does knock, but you have to give it the right address.

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