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If you’ve signed up to receive emails from either the Mitt Romney or President Obama camp, chances are you’ve been inundated (INUNDATED) with solicitations for donations to their campaigns. The latest news is Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee has beat President Obama and the Democratic National Committee by $51 million in fundraising over the past couple of months. Romney is also getting help from billionaires like Sheldon Adelson. Those figures aren’t included in the fundraising tallies. An Obama campaign spokesperson, Jennifer Psaki, says the average donation to Obama’s campaign is $250 or less.

Social media has made it easier to reach people, but it’s also the tone of the messages — urgent in some, aggressive in others, pleading desperately then chirping optimistically — that’s making headlines. The site ProPublica says it received 600 emails from the Obama campaign in the past three months or so. The emails are targeted for different audiences (pet owners or women, for instance) but ultimately, all solicit for cash. ProPublica received about 100 from the Romney campaign.

“[P]olitical strategists from both parties warn that campaigns must be careful to avoid alienating their most devoted followers with an endless tide of fundraising e-mails,” The Washington Post says. In a separate article, The Post says that both sides are hosting more events that are smaller in nature but generate big bucks. Some of the President’s fundraising emails ask for as little as $3.

Of course, the fear is that people will get tired of being asked for money and simply unsubscribe from the emails or social media sites or, worse, not vote for one or the other candidate. Campaign strategists say their tactics are such that they’re not too worried about being annoying.

If you think about it, we see the same ads repeatedly on television and online and still manage to get through them without getting too upset. How many P&G ads do you think you’ve seen over the course of the Olympics? We tune them out so easily, we probably couldn’t conjure one from our brains even if we tried. (There’s one with a blond child about to do a high dive.)

Are you receiving the fundraising emails? Are you getting tired of them?

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