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I know. That’s a lot to take in. Slim Thug, Slim Thug giving advice, how abortions fit into a recession—none of it really makes any sense but unfortunately it is what it is. Rapper Slim Thug has written a book titled How To Survive in a Recession, and though it’s not clear who exactly this book was written for, the Houston native said that he was the sole source of knowledge in the guide, admitting in a recent interview with 97.9 the Box that no financial adviers were sought before he starting writing. Strike one.

What’s even more puzzling than the idea of Slim being an author is the fact that there’s a chapter in the book titled “Abortion.” When H-town radio host JJ asked him what that chapter had to do with everything else in the book he said (after admitting he couldn’t remember what he wrote) “I think abortions is necessary on some occasions.”

“People are against abortion but people aren’t dealing with the real life situations some people deal with. Just like some people think it ain’t good to have an abortion, it ain’t good to have a baby and not be with the father. My mother, she took care of me but she worked 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and I seen how much of a struggle it was. It was so hard coming up, I don’t even know who my daddy is….So, I don’t like that.

“A kid deserves both parents in the home, so if you ain’t gon be with somebody i don’t think you need to have a kid with them….even though I got 3 baby mommas.. (laughs)….it ain’t easy and it ain’t right …but we good.”

Though he took the extra long route to making a decent point, eventually Slim Thug got there even if his thought was a bit hypocritical and side-eye worthy. I’m still lost on the recession connection since he didn’t say much about finances in his explanation for why people should have abortions but I suppose I shouldn’t be searching for logic in this. This is the same man who stuck his foot all the way in his mouth during a past interview with Vibe when he had some “advice” for black women and their relationships while proudly proclaiming to have the best of both worlds in his biracial chick. Around that time, most people were like, Slim Thug who? But I do remember reading some comments from people that despite being somewhat of a B-list rapper he was financially savvy. I’m pro-choice all day and definitely not trying to knock his hustle, especially if he can reach a demographic that perhaps financial advice from Ryan Mack might fly over. But I think he needs to limit his words of wisdom to things he can speak about intelligently and sensitively, i.e. probably not abortion and money saving tips all wrapped up in one. Besides, there’s a step before the possibility of bringing a child into this world you can’t afford mentally or financially becomes a reality, it’s called strapping up. Money spent on contraception is funds well spent whether it’s a recession or not. I hope that’s in one of those chapters.

Here’s more from Slim Thug’s interview where he talks down-sizing from 12 cars to 3 and why he moved out of a 7000 sq. ft home to a loft. What do you think about his words?


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