All’s Fair In Love and Club Hopping?

July 27, 2012  |  


So, some interesting pics have popped up of Chris Brown having a heck of a good time at club Gotha in Cannes. When I saw the candids on Necole Bitchie, I was like, oooh look at Chris snapping Karrueche’s neck like that. Wait, that’s not Karrueche. Then I saw him feeling up on another dark-haired girl’s behind and was like, Oh, there she is—wait that’s not her either. I figured the raven-haired, bikini clad chic he was grinding with wasn’t her, but after a few more clicks and an extended game of where’s Karrueche I found the R&B singer’s so-called girlfriend chilling by her man’s side smiling in her Herve Leger dress not breaking a sweat and I thought, Hmmm. That’s interesting.

Hitting the club with your girl is nothing knew. Even hitting the strip club with your girl and making it rain on them heauxs is becoming one of hip-hop’s favorite past times but there’s something quite different about looking and not touching when sliding a dollar into a dancer’s g-string, and rubbing down multiple girl’s bodies in front of everyone including your girlfriend of what, two years now? I’m not even going to contextualize this as a C Breezy thing because there’s no telling how much of this bumping and grinding he considered to be part of his image or pleasing the crowd after he gave a performance. My question is, could you have been Karrueche?

The club is such a dangerous breeding ground for relationships. Just about 99.9% of all people recommend that you don’t go to the club searching for a husband. I’ve always been iffy on that rule figuring if I’m a decent human being and I’m there, chances are another decent male counterpart could be there as well. But at the same time, the club’s not exactly a spot where you get chosen for your great personality. It’s an all-night battle of the T&A launched by men hoping to find a quick lay so yeah the likelihood of someone putting a ring on it after you met bent over touching the floor is slim to none. Even more dangerous the heading to the club single though, is a couple stepping out arm-in-arm. To an extent, both men and women are on the prowl for at least some attention from the opposite sex and if you don’t have some clear cut rules about what’s cool and what’s not before you buy that first vodka tonic, you’re night could go like Karrueche’s. You start out fanning your man and grinning by his side then somewhere along the lines you get the pouty face. Since Chris has a shirt on in that last pic it could either be his entrance or exit from the club that’s being captured. Judging by the sweat beads, I’ll say exit.

Looking at these two, I immediately thought back to my college days and how me and a guy I was talking to at the time would get into it nearly every week because we’d go out and dance way too hard with other people and both end up angry with attitudes. We weren’t even officially together, which means neither one of us had a right to be trippin’ like we were, and that’s also why I can’t understand how Karrueche does it. For most people boo’d up, the thrill of the club dies down for a few reasons after you lock it down with one person. If you go by yourself, seeing attractive mates you can’t pursue will be torture—or too tempting to resist which brings on a whole different set of problems. And If you go together, someone is bound to cross the line and turn the fun night out into a long argument on the ride home. I guess Chris and Karrueche don’t have those boundaries. If they did, ol’ boy didn’t just cross the line, he did a drunken back-flip and crunk danced all over it. I already had my doubts about the legitimacy of this relationship and how Karrueche could tolerate all of the non-stop rumors about Rihanna, but if he can get down like this with other women right in front of her, I’m thinking getting down with Ri Ri (if he wanted to) wouldn’t be a big deal. But I’m leaving that mess alone. My question is about him being a n**** in Paris. Would his behavior fly with you if you were his girl?

What are your rules about going to the club with your man?

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