No More Backroom Procedures For Her: Black Madam Charged With Murder For Lethal Butt Shots

July 25, 2012  |  

Padge Victoria Windslowe’s days of administering illegal butt injections are clearly over as is her freedom to do much of anything else most likely. Yesterday, the 42-year-old Philadelphia resident was charged with murder for injecting 20-year-old Claudia Seye Aderotimi with silicone in her backside for $1,800 that ended up killing the British tourist in February 2011. On top of third-degree murder, Windslowe was also charged with conspiracy and reckless endangerment and faces anywhere from 44 to 88 years in prison if she’s convicted when she reappears in court Aug. 8.

On Tuesday, District Attorney Seth Williams said:

“Padge Windslowe’s arrogance and blatant disregard for human life is shocking. Her conduct cost one young woman her life and placed countless others in danger.”

The Black Madam’s attorney Chris Mannix doesn’t see it quite so cut and dry.

“Speaking only to the medical evidence, it looks like the authorities had about a year and a half of reasonable doubt,” he said.

According to

Windslowe, who has recorded gothic hip-hop songs and videos under the stage name “Black Madam,” has been jailed since February, when she was arrested on charges of assault in a separate case in which she allegedly performed a black-market buttock-enhancement procedure on a 23-year-old exotic dancer from Philadelphia.

The woman became gravely ill after doctors said the silicone lodged in her lungs, and she was on oxygen for months.

That case led authorities to arrest Windslowe at a “pumping party” in East Germantown, where they found several additional women waiting to receive injections….

In the more than 16 months since Aderotimi’s death, police have repeatedly stated that Windslowe was responsible. Hours after Windslowe performed the procedure, Aderotimi started having chest pains. Windslowe, Williams said, told her to drink more water and to call an ambulance if needed.

“Instead of making sure that Ms. Aderotimi was OK, the defendant then used that time as her opportunity to escape,” Williams said.

Aderotimi died soon afterward at a Delaware County hospital.

Because of the national attention that Aderotimi’s death gained, it wouldn’t be surprising if the DA’s office decided to make an example out of Windslowe, especially considering how many similar cases of backroom butt injection procedures arose following reports of this situation. Still, a third-degree murder charge seems a bit stiff and doesn’t take into account Aderotimi’s own naivete or willingness to go along with such a ridiculous measure for the sake of a bigger butt. But if Assistant District Attorney Bridget Kirn’s claim that Windslowe tricked these victims into believing she was a trained medical professional—despite administering injections in such places as hotel rooms—it wouldn’t be surprising if the punishment for her actions was harsher.

“She does hold herself out to be a pseudo-medical personnel,” Kirn said. “She certainly doesn’t tell them that she is someone that has no medical training.”

Given that knowledge, Windslowe might want to get comfy in that jail cell. Do you think third-degree murder is a fair charge for the Black Madam?

Also here’s one of her videos if you want to get more of a glimpse into her scary personality.


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