Yup, You Said It: Hilarious Reader Comments Of The Week

July 13, 2012  |  

It’s Friday so you know what that means, fun and laughs provided by none other than our fabulous readers. Folks were acting up this week and you showed out right along with them in the comments section and we loved it. In case you missed a few of these classic one-liners here are the funny highlights from the week.

Meagan Good’s Group ‘HELLO Girls’ Premiere ‘Beep Beep’ Music Video

JustSayin: What Is This? The Boughetto Pussycat Dolls?


Put On Blast: Christina Ella Ella Eh Says The Dream Basically Sucks as a Dad

FattyKimye: Still she chose to hit it raw with this Teddy Ruxbin looking mofo!

Vanessa McGlothen: I’m still trying to recover at the thought of the dream laying on top of somebody….eeellck


The Sweetest Sound Known To Woman Is The Soft Thud Of Her Bra Hitting The Floor After a Long Day

Kimberly Kim: I’m trying to sling shot that bad boy as soon as I hit the door #throwsomeD’sonthem

Angela Lewis: my name is Angela and im an inmate at big titty correctional facility..cell block DDD..serving a life sentence for somethin i had no control over! I will be confined for 12 hours a day for at least the next 30 years *tear*…after then i dont think ill give a damn!


17th Time’s The Charm: Jackie and Doug Christie Renew Vows In Gay Club

Iyonna Lee: Instead of walking down the aisle she needs to walk her butt right on into a psychiatrist’s office, have a seat and begin talking.

Fantasia Has a Message For The Public: ‘I’m Doing Me Now’

Kristen Shannon: what exactly was she doing before? lol

MLS2698: That’s just empty talk for ” I fawked up, and have nothing else to say, so mind your own business.” “Oh, and buy my records cause I got two babies now.” * Jesus shout, dance, praise*


Shall We Congratulate Them? Kanye Brags On 73-Day Relationship With Kim: ‘Sorry Kris’

Maria Darden: Kim Kardashian sits filing her talons , “Operation make a ni**a broke is almost complete!” Mama Kardashian replies in Mr Burns voice from the Simpsons “Excellent!”


Caught on “Candy Camera”? Alleged Thief Returns Joseline’s “Credict Card” and Passport

Kay: she probably needed that money or Stebie J was gwan tew sin her bak to de strib cub *joseline voice*

Lladi Q Gordon: ‎”Did you eba weely lub me Steebie?”.. (•)(•)


What? Tyler Perry Picked Over Idris Elba

Sammi_lu: “Does TP make you wanna forget Morgan Freeman? Idris Elba?” HAAAAAA!!! Alzheimer’s and dimensia couldn’t make me forget Idris!


You Thought Your Lady Lumps Were Big! This Woman Rocks a 102 ZZZ Cup Size

Trisha_B: This has got to be a safety hazard. If she was to fall on her back, those things would strangle her!

Chandra D. Lockett: LOL SWING low sweet chariot!

Jade Miller Gibson: ‎…those aren’t 2 girls—-‘dem are 2 grown women!!


Did He Miss The Memo? Steve Harvey Refuses To Allow Buffoonery In ‘Think Like a Man’ Sequel

Shirl: This from a buffoon

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