Beat the Heat: 7 Ways To Avoid Looking A Hot Mess In the Summer

July 16, 2012  |  
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This season has quickly crossed the line from fun-in-the-sun weather to scorching hot temperatures, making it almost impossible to enjoy the summer. Besides the heat and humidity making for an uncomfortable day, it also becomes difficult to preserve the look that you left home with before being attacked by the blistering heat; and yes I meant attacked.

Instead of trying to fight the heat…trust me you’ll lose…find ways to work with it in a way that your beauty won’t be compromised. Simply put,  this summer it may take a bit more work to avoid looking a hot mess when the temperature is so hot.

Here are a few tips that may help you stay cool and cute in the heat and humidity.


Keep It Cool With A Spray Mist

Most beauty lines have gotten the memo that beauty suffers in the heat and have created cooling mists that cool down the skin while refreshing the face. These mists, that usually come in spray bottles, are easy to carry and immediately rejuvenate the skin from excessive heat. More importantly they provide you a cooling relief, even if it’s only temporary.


Loose Is Better

You know that tight mini that you love? You may want to reconsider wearing it. Or even those go-to tanks that hug the skin, may prove to be a bad idea admist the hot temperatures. While we know that less is better when it’s hot outside, wearing loose-fitting clothing could be equally as important. If you want to avoid the excessive sweat that seems to stick your your body, allow yourself room to breath. Flowly materials can save you from those unflattering ‘look at me I’m sweating’ stains that may creep up when you least expect them.

The Good ‘Ole H20

Drinking water is important in all seasons, but especially in the summer when your body perspires more. Sometimes we may forget how critical water is to our beauty. Drink more to hydrate your skin and keep it looking fresh. Plus it will cool you down to prevent less sweating. To make water more accessible, keep a bottle of it with you at all times.

Go For Curly

If your hair is natural, the summer is the perfect time to rock it curly. Or even if it’s not natural, curly styles can still work for you. If you’re like me and sweat excessively on your head, maintaining a straight due sans a relaxer is next to impossible. While I don’t wear my natural hair as wild and curly as I would like to, I usually choose loose curly styles that are easy to maintain in spite of the humidity.

Ditch The Oil

Oil based moisturizers aren’t always the best option. As people of color, we definitely have to keep our sometimes dry skin, aka ash, under control. Usually oil-based products become our go-to moisturizers. Unfortunately using oil in the summer eventually makes you look…well oily.So unless the extra glistening/greasy look is your thing, save the oil for the winter or at least keep it to a minimum during the summer. Heat and oil combined isn’t the most flattering combination for the skin.

Don’t Forget Your Powder Puff

Even if you’re not really into makeup, all skin types can benefit from a simple swipe of powdered foundation to maintain a fresh look. The heat can make skin look extremely oily (yes, even if you haven’t used oil). To avoid the oily look, especially during picture time, freshen up with a powder frequently. If you’re not really using it for coverage, but instead to combat the oil, remember a little will go a long way.


Minimize Liquid Make-Up

Besides oil-based moisturizers, liquid makeup can provide equally unflattering situations when combined with heat. It’s liquid-based, so when you sweat, it may run. If you do choose to wear liquid makeup when you plan to be outside for a long period of time, make sure you blot it with powder or at least try to minimize how much you use. Runny makeup is never a good look.

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