Are They Really Wearing That? 6 Looks That Only Celebrities Can Get Away With

July 25, 2012  |  
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It happens all the time. We see celebrities wearing the most outrageous outfits, make-up and accessories. Instead of saying, “That’s inappropriate”, or “What on earth are they wearing?” We say, “That’s her style” or “She looks hot”. Meanwhile, we all know that if your average Jane Doe wore that down the street, eyes would rolling like bowling balls, and the word “rachet” would be used as much as a box of Kleenex. So what have some celebrities been wearing that would be committing social suicide in the real world? Here’s a look at some recent looks that only celebrities could get away with:

Model Eva Marcille seems to have traded in “Haute Couture” for Hood Couture. While attending the 2012 Essence Music Festival, the former winner for America’s Next Top Modelwalked the red carpet in Zebra print shorts and matching pink accessories. Since animal print is in style and shorts can be super cute sometimes, you would think that it would make a good match right? Nope, not when the shorts are so short that they can be mistaken for women’s undergarments. Those shorts might as well be women’s underwear to match that white bra that is clearly showing through.  In fact, why didn’t she just wear lingerie and call it an outfit?

Thought you were looking at an old picture of 1990s pop group TLC? No, that’s just Rihanna wearing a super baggy denim jumpsuit while in England.  Other than the fact that this outfit should have been worn 20 years ago, it definitely had some potential…until she decided to put on the Timberland boots.

Let’s be real here, if anyone else were caught wearing an outfit like this, they would easily be mistaken for a construction worker.

Say it ain’t so…while at Wynwood Walls in Florida, former member Danity Kane Aubrey O’day left little to the imagination when she decided to wear a see-through skirt out in public.  She must have forgot that this was not one of her Las Vegas peep shows that regularly she’s performs in. Hopefully Aubrey O’day got a 50% discount for that skirt, because it looks like it’s missing 50% of its fabric.

While filming her new movie School Dance, Amber Rose was spotted wearing a skimpy varsity style outfit with a tiny bikini top. This is definitely not something your average high school teenager could get away with. What’s even more ridiculous than the outfit itself is the fact that she’s supposed to look like a high school student. With that womanly figure, it seems more like a high school reunion.

Don’t worry ladies…it’s not just about the women here. While attending the 2012 Summer Press Day for NBC’s The Voice, judge Cee Lo Green didn’t think it was necessary to look even somewhat professional. Not only did he wear incredibly oversized basketball shorts, he also committed one of the oldest fashion crimes in history of fashion…wearing socks with your sandals. Perhaps he thought he was going to Wal-Mart?

This next one shouldn’t be a surprise considering that Lil’ Kim is a serial fashion offender. Yes, she’s not the only celeb getting away with the leotards and fishnets these days, but since she’s almost 40-years-old, she’s not going to get a pass on this one. Besides, if you were caught wearing this outfit in public, you wouldn’t get a pass either.

You’d probably be mistaken for a prostitute…

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