Faces Beat…or Not: Makeup Artist Thomas Dye Says Black Women are Gorgeous With or Without Makeup

July 8, 2012  |  

Here at the My Black is Beautiful booth at the Essence Music Festival, there’s a team of makeup artists giving visitors complete Covergirl Queen Collection makeovers. One of them, Thomas Dye, spoke exclusively with Madame Noire about black women’s skin tone, tips for the summer heat and empowering women through makeup. 

In the summer time, we’re sweating and we don’t want a whole lot on our faces. How should we adapt our makeup routines in the summertime?

What you want to do is go to a lighter coverage because it’s summertime. Because like you said, you’re sweating and you don’t want your makeup to start to run. If you wear a cream in the winter, I would put you in a liquid in the summer. That’s going to be a lot lighter and it’s a lot easier for you to put on. A lot of people use a lot of bronzer in the summer time, but moisturize your skin very good and just bronze it very heavily. That’s going to give you the same effect. Some of them have gold particles and some of them don’t have particles. I use a lot of bronzers in the summer time because it’s lightweight, you moisturize your skin and just buff the powder right into your skin.

What’s the difference between doing makeup for black women as opposed to a women without a darker skin tone?

There’s about a 168 different ranges of black women. Caucasian women, it’s probably about four. So you have to understand the color tones that come out of everybody’s skin. Some people have yellow undertones, red undertones and gold undertones. The difference is just understanding their skin tone and blending that. You put the wrong color on, it’s going to show.

A lot of black women feel like, I don’t need makeup, I’m gorgeous without it. What do you think about that?

I do think they’re gorgeous without it. Makeup is not a coverup, it’s an enhancement. It’s not meant to change your whole look, it’s just meant to improve what you already have. A lot of people don’t wear makeup and a lot of people say, ‘I just wear lipstick and lip gloss or something.’ That’s still makeup because you’re putting the color in your skin.

But a lot of women just don’t understand how to apply the right color. A lot of women go to the stores and they can’t try makeup on in a drugstore, so they have to start with somebody showing them what color they have. Once somebody shows you what your color is, you can go back and buy. You’re going to change your foundation twice, because you have a summer foundation and a winter foundation. You’re much darker in the summer than you are in the winter.

What’s everybody’s favorite product over here, so far?

The favorite product that everybody’s liking, is this Covergirl Natural. It fits everybody. I like using it because it gives me that natural look that I need. For a lot of people, that’ve never worn makeup, I don’t put them in any wild color. I put them in a natural color, that they’re comfortable with because if they’ve never worn it before and all of a sudden, I put a blue on them, it throws them off.

Why is it important that you’re here at the My Black is Beautiful booth?

It’s important for me to be here because I believe in the movement, the movement of empowering women. It’s what I do. Even as a makeup artist, it’s still empowering women. Every woman that sits in my chair, I try to talk to them about something that’s going to empower them. If it’s as simple as doing their makeup, that lifts a lot of people’s spirits. If they’ve never had makeup done, and you change their look, that lifts their spirits, if they’re having a bad day, it might lift their day. You never know what’s going on in a person’s life and just the smallest thing, as far as doing an eyeshadow and a lipstick and encouraging them, it changes their life. So I believe in the movement.

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