Oral Transactions and Getting “Ghetto”: Moments in Reality TV That Had Everybody Talking

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I think we can all see that since the early Millennium, reality TV has taken over with a vengeance. Scripted comedies and dramas are floundering while tasteless, tacky and tired (dare I say, ratchet?) reality programs are making all the money.  And we’re all watching! For shame, I know. They started way back in the early ’90s, and slowly but surely, they’re running the TV world. In the time of watching these shows, there have been many moments that had people talking. Whether they were for hilarious reasons or because they were crazy as hell, we’ve definitely come across some unforgettable moments. Here are a few, and feel free to KINDLY share moments that had you talking crazy way down below…

The Very Ratchet “Flavor of Love” Days: New York Gets Spit On By Pumkin (Start at 1:35)

Okay, so anybody could tell from just a few episodes of “Flavor of Love” that New York is crazy, however, there’s just some things you don’t do to people, not even a worst enemy, and that’s spit on them. During the first season of “Flavor of Love,” though she made it to the top three, Pumkin was given the boot and didn’t find it fair. While she tried to plead her case with Flav, as though she really wanted to stay because she cared for him (*rolls eyes*), New York got to flapping off at the mouth after she was called out for being an opportunist actress. The verbiage got ugly and before you knew it, Pumkin turned around and spit at New York, with the mess landing on her chin and hair (*gags*). I think everybody was talking about the incident because they were trading off stories of what they would have done had it been them. The push New York gave Pumkin after the fact that sent homegirl flying into the camera was also worth a good laugh or two as well.

Braxton Sisters Talk Oral Transactions and Confessions… (Start at 7:30)

“She’s slobbin’ knobs and not gettin’ anything in return, I mean, what is wrong with her!?”-Tamar Braxton

I think that’s what was on everyone’s mind when Trina told her sisters, and the world, that she went down on a band member and he didn’t reciprocate. And then on top of that, she was trying to figure out whether or not she should tell her habitual cheater husband, Gabe, about the incident. I can’t tell you what I would have done…though I wouldn’t have done any of that mess in the first place…but it was a mess. Add that to the fact that Tamar and Traci went on to make the claim that black women don’t offer 0-ral sex, and that it’s a “white girl” thing to do. Boy, did that start a conversation! Hopefully Trina learned from her first and hopefully last random oral transaction.

Our First Glimpse at Crazy Tami (aka Tamisha Akbar)…The Blanket Incident

During the Los Angeles season of the “The Real World,” it became clear that Tami had a lot going on with her. From getting her mouth randomly wired shut, to her controversial abortion, and this huge “blanket incident” with cast member David, let’s just say, she brought the drama at a young age and kept it going. It all started out as a playful thing. David and the guys were trying to pull her bra and panty wearing behind out of the bed as a joke, but things got a little too real when she was pulled out into the hallway and they had her exposed in her undies to EVERYBODY. Though she was laughing at the time it happened, a few seconds later, Tami got upset after the fact and went at with David, trashing his stuff and having a physical altercation with him when he tried to do the same to her belongings. In the end, after instigation by Beth and thrown threats, the cast asked David to leave the house. The big conversation surrounded whether or not David went too far, or if it was a joke that folks overreacted about, and if the house should have turned on him. All these years later, what do you think?

And to rap up, I’d like to say,  “It wasn’t not funny!”

When Men Throw Drinks At Women…Jenn and Eric Have a Heated Exchange

Before there was the disgusting slap heard round the world, there was the drink. This might be why when people are divorcing, communication should just happen between attorneys. Jennifer Williams and her soon-to-be ex-husband Eric met up for drinks (I guess) to discuss the delay in their divorce proceedings, and when they did, things got very ugly, very fast. Before we knew it, he was telling her she was nothing and the expletives started flying out of her mouth. When their exchange looked as thought it was going to end on a sour note, Jenn decided to throw a drink in his direction–glass and all. She, however, wasn’t expecting him to come back and throw an entire glass of alcohol in her face. Yikes! People were torn. Was she wrong for throwing the glass at him first, or was he out of order for throwing the drink in her face as a response?

Why You Should Ask If People Are Christian Before You Go On “Trading Spouses”…

When Marguerite Perrin made the decision to participate on the old FOX show “Trading Spouses,” I’m guessing no one told her that the family you’re sent to won’t necessarily always be similar to your own, or in this case, believe what you believe in. What fun would that be? But when she realized that the family she was traded into placed their faith in astrology and not God, when she got home? Oh yeah, all hell broke loose. Though her family was happy to see her, she was ready to lay in on everybody, even blaming her family for not praying for her, ripping up the $50,000 check the show gives you for appearing on it, and telling the camera crew to “Get the hell out of my house in Jesus name I pray!” Her tirade was something you could only see on reality TV, and it definitely had everyone talking.

To Check, Or To Not Check Me…Boo?

We know from watching “Real Housewives of Atlanta” that not everyone is a fan of Sheree (who is now an official FORMER cast member), but I think we can all agree that there isn’t anybody around who deserves this type of unprofessionalism. What started off as a calm conversation about the disagreements over what folks wanted and what could be provided for Sheree’s party turned into a full out mudslinging contest, with both party planner Anthony and Sheree throwing massive shade at one another. Their argument brought out the classic, “Who Gon’ Check Me Boo?” comment, but also brought the ug-lay, with homeboy claiming he was going to slap the f**k out of her and calling her mother a b***h. As Sheree said correctly, things definitely went haywire…

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The Problem With the Word “Ghetto” and When the Wrong Person Says It…

Of course, “Real World” has always been a breeding ground for dramatic people and situations, just click back to the Tami vs. David incident. And when you fill a house with a majority of white people and sprinkle in a few minorities or two (or three), misunderstandings are bound to happen. But when Kimberly and Brianna from season 20 fell out over guests in the house, Kim crossed a big line by calling her roommate ghetto. I don’t know about anybody else, but around my water cooler the conversation was filled with imitations of this Southern belle telling Bri, “Let’s not get ghetto,” and “I don’t care if you’re from the most inner-city blackville!” Years later, people still comment on the video and dispute whether or not Kim was racist for the comment.

To Catch a Dumb A** Predator

You know someone is stupid when they choose to test their luck twice, especially when it comes to illegal wheelings and dealings. But John Kennely did just that. The man initially walked into a stranger’s house butt naked with a pack of beer thinking he was going to meet a teenage boy to have sex with, and of course, he met up with your boy Chris Hansen of “Dateline.” And though you would think he would wise up and get right after the confrontation, this fool hopped right back online to meet up with young boys, and walked right back into the trap of a decoy. Instead of meeting at a seedy house, he instead tried to meet the decoy at McDonald’s. When he agrees to the meeting, Kennely is once again surprised by an equally surprised Chris Hansen, and to defend himself, claims, “I was just trying to get something to eat!” Can people really be that stupid???

Yes, yes they can be.

Tami, Kesha and The Case of The Stolen Bag

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave out the horrid behavior that was Tami Roman bullying “Basketball Wives” cast mate Kesha Nichols out of her bag on the casts always s**tty yearly trip out of the country. Hoping she could embarrass her enough to get an apology out of Kesha, Tami stole her bag with her ID and personal belongings, refused to give it back, and had Suzie play the back-and-forth moderator of the drama. No matter what Kesha might have said, what Tami did was a hot burnt mess. The fact that this young woman had to damn near call the police to get her stuff back and was scolded for doing so by her trifling cast mates was damn near the straw that broke the camel’s back and got petitions in order.

What would you add to the list?

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