Dear Television Fairy Godmother, Please Bring Me a Show Like This

June 22, 2012  |  

I’m trying something new which is to actually come up with solutions to problems rather than just complaining and I figure a good place for me—and all of us—to start is with what’s on TV these days. I personally don’t have as much of a problem with some reality shows as most of you. I did come to see the light, or the darkness rather, that was “Basketball Wives,” circa Tahiti and Tami’s foolery, but so far “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” still has the full attention of my curious mind, I’ll probably tune in to “Hollywood Exes” next week, I need to catch the season finale of “Tough Love New Orleans,” and I’m nearly caught up with all of the housewives in Orange County, New Jersey, and New York. For me, it’s mindless entertainment. I’m never glued to the television and certainly don’t schedule my calendar around episodes—especially since they come on repeat about seven times a day, but it’s background noise, semi-entertaining, and for the most isn’t damaging.

I do understand the issues people have with these shows though, but what’s frustrating is the same “just take it off the air” attitude that’s applied to other series like “The Game,” for example, and I think, really? Are you sure that’s what you really want. “The Game” may not be what it was, and I’m not saying that we should just settle for poor programing, although I don’t think the show is bad, but the thing is, we have to be careful complaining in one breath about our depictions on TV and then in the next being so quick to dismiss shows that could use a little work—or that haven’t gotten a chance yet, like “Being Mary Jane.

That being said, we all know what we don’t want to see, what we’re tired of seeing, what we never want to see again, what we wish we would had never seen in the first place, and so on and so forth, but do we actually know what we want to see? Personally, I’m not to hard to please. I’m on the hunt for a good maneater, bachelorette type show. A woman who’s a mix between Keisha Green (LisaRaye) on”Single Ladies” and Samantha on “Sex and the City” but far less hood and with less money so she’s at least relatable.  You know, a lady who lives that fabulous date and have fun life we always hear us women should be doing but have never ever actually met a woman who’s doing it? A realistically attractive woman who excelled from average beginnings, attractive, yet common men who we wouldn’t expect would pay off our $200,000 debt with the swish of a pen, and none of that woe is me single life BS would do wonders for my evenings. But, until then, I’m getting my reality TV repeats on with a little “Client List” and “Army Wives” on Sunday nights until “Once Upon a Time” comes back on and there are some well-scripted black sitcoms or dramas on the airwaves. Yeah, I just told on myself.

Anyway, if a genie could grant you a wish to have the ultimate positive representation of a black woman TV show , what would your ideal series be?

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