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I don’t know when Tamar is going to learn to mind her own reality TV business but it needs to happen soon. Apparently during the season premiere of “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta” she sent out a few subliminal messages about one of the cast members, K. Michelle. The back story is K. used to date Memphitz before he married Toya and though K. Michelle didn’t name names, she did disclose on the premiere that she used to be in love with a man who helped her get a $2 million dollar record deal but said he eventually ‘beat her a**’ and left her with nothing. Memphitz being a music executive at Jive makes him the likely woman beater in the story and apparently Tamar didn’t like that so she got to popping off 140 characters at a time.

In an interview with TT Torrez of IPower 92, K. Michelle explained exactly what happened:

“She was on twitter last night [and] she deleted the tweets because she knows she doesn’t want it with [me]. She better stay over there with ‘Family Values’. She deleted the tweets because people were tweeting me what she said. she was saying to Toya ‘Oh have fun and let this girl sell her fairy tale’ and all I tweeted was that ‘I like Toni anyway,’ because I do. You know me, I don’t mess with anybody until they mess with me and I don’t play them little games. I’m from Memphis, we jump gates! We don’t play in them little games. So until the muppet gets it together she needs to stay away from me.”

What’s interesting is that although she clearly wouldn’t hesitate to get busy with Tamar, many assumed she was scared to talk about her relationship with Memphitz which is why she didn’t put his name out there on the show. She said that’s not the case.

“I wasn’t scared about that because you are only scared when you’re lying and you only get scared when there aren’t any facts. His family still talks to me and they know the truth. For me, it was like, I still try to do it right and not be shady out of respect for Toya and the situation. I did not even say his name. I told my story without saying his name because I did not want it to be like ‘Oh K is throwing shade’ or ‘K is bitter’ no! He probably is a different man now. Different women bring out different things in men. I wasn’t the one to calm him. And I’m not mad at him or her but the one person I am mad at is Tamar Braxton, that muppet, she needs to have several seats.”

Tamar take note.

I’m just happy to see that one of the cast members appears to have some sense. Funny how people want to jump on K. Michelle for telling her own story discreetly and people like Tamar want to jump up and defend something that they don’t have anything to do with. K. handled that entire situation well from not naming names to not insinuating Memphitz is now beating Toya. She gets major points in my book. Tamar should go grab those seats.

What do you think about how K. Michelle handled her past relationship with Memphitz on the show?

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