I Don’t Know Your Stats, But I Know You’re FINE: 6 NBA Finals Cuties Who Bring The Thunder & The Heat!

June 20, 2012  |  
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Let’s be honest: some of you have no interest in the NBA Finals.   So if you’re going to pretend to care while you’re at the bar (because you know that’s where men will be) or at home (because that’s where your boo is watching the game), let us provide you with some eye candy.  Lord knows that professional sports teams are never in lack of some fine a** beautiful Black men. Is it getting hot in here? Oh yes, it is indeed. Check out our picks for the cutest and swexiest players from the two teams vying for the NBA Championship: The Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder. And be sure to let us know who you think should get the MVP crown for hotness! 


Serge Ibaka

Take a moment and drink him in.  Alright, now that you’ve had a moment to see what I’ve seen for months, Serge is the Oklahoma City Thunder’s forward and is all of 22 years old (he’s a Virgo).  He’s of Congolese-Spanish descent and has 17 other siblings!  He brings extra toughness to the Thunder and when he adds points to the game (he’s basically a defensive player so he doesn’t rack up big points) they’re likely going to win the game.

Dwyane Wade

Even though we know he’s in a serious relationship with Gabrielle Union, we just can’t deny all that cuteness. D-Wade also has a walk on him that makes you tilt your head and…nevermind.  He’s a shooting guard and when “Flash,” as he’s called, is on his game, the Heat have almost zero chance of losing. His Capricorn nature of being kind of shy when it comes to his ball skills has all but disappeared and he always finds a way to remind you that the Heat was originally “his team.”

Kevin Durant

KD is the Oklahoma City Thunder.  At 6’9″, he plays the small forward position but is so light on his feet that he almost moves like a guard.  Kevin is just so cute with that pretty smile and baby face. He just looks like such a nice young man. (He’s a 23 year old Libra.) But I have to warn you that he does appear to be a mama’s boy so if you think you might have a chance, you need to either get him away from Mama Durant or get in good with her!

Mario Chalmers

Rock with me: doesn’t Mario kind of look like the dope basketball player from the ‘hood that all the girls loved?  You don’t see that bit of “swag” I see? Well get this: by all accounts, it appears that  Mario is…Alaskan. I KNOW, right?!  He’s a Taurus so I wonder what he’s like in person because I hear Taurus men can be hard to handle.  But look at that face; he looks like he plays no games (in a good way, if that makes sense). Me likey.

Thabo Sefolosha

“Sef” is probably one of my favorite new pieces of eye candy.  At age 28 (and another Taurus), he’s one of the “older” players on the Thunder roster. If you’ve been watching the games you know the picture doesn’t do him justice. He’s a slim brother but he’s got a “look” to him – and he looks like he smells good too.  Sef is married with three kids though so those of us with a conscience should only be looking.

Shane Battier

What? Don’t look at your screen like that and say I must be blind. Women really seem to like Shane and I’ve been a basketball fan long enough to have heard it from many of them. Let me tell you what I see: Shane has a nice build and sometimes he has a rugged look when he lets his beard grow in (which isn’t often).  Another Virgo man, he seems really calm, cool and collected but Virgo men seem to “stay in their feelings.”  Shane’s married too but it doesn’t mean you can’t wink at him through the screen if the mood strikes!

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