7 Things to Consider Before Tying the Knot

June 14, 2012  |  

From yourtango.com

By Dr. Tina Tessina

In my counseling practice, I see a lot of couples who don’t make it, usually because they’re not prepared, and their expectations are out of line with reality. However, there are various reasons why these unions don’t succeed.

Cupid, the god who represented love to the ancient Romans, was blind. In mythology, he’s been represented as a cherub; a perpetual baby, (which means someone without wisdom or judgement) who flies around zapping people with his arrows, throwing them helplessly into infatuation with whomever they happen to be with when the arrow strikes. This is a great metaphor for the sensation of “falling in love” instantly, otherwise known as limerance, lust, or “blind love.”

Unfortunately, lust doesnt last forever, and love isn’t blind forever. I’ve created a basic outline of some important ideas to help others begin their relationships on the right foot. Because I see so much of the damage caused by people while they’re blindly connecting, rushing through the stages of commitment and not creating the solid foundation a true relationship needs, I always welcome the chance to do pre-commitment counseling.

My job is to ask the tough questions that, in the excitement of a new romance, the couple may not have considered.

Look at the seven questions every couple should consider before moving in together or making joint financial commitments at your tango.com


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