Reconciliation Recap: Have Jen and Evelyn Actually Spoken Since The Reunion?

June 13, 2012  |  

We talked about Evelyn Lozado and Jennifer Williams hugging and making up on the reunion show yesterday, but did the two really work it out off-camera? Considering the show was taped a little over a month ago, you’d think that would be sufficient time for two busy best friends who’ve been fighting for an entire season-and-a-half to have a little chat on the phone at least, right?

VH-1 was wondering the same thing and they sat down with Evelyn to get the scoop on how much making up these two have actually done in real life. Here’s what she said:

VH1: When we spoke before the reunion, no one had any idea how it would go, it was pretty tense beforehand. So when you and Jennifer got on stage and actually reconciled and hugged, that was big, but she said “I don’t want to do this here,” and it sounded like you guys would have a follow up conversation. Did that happen?

“I sent her an email just letting her know that I meant what I said on the reunion, I didn’t want her to think that it was just a reunion stunt, and she responded, she wished me happy mother’s day, and we said we would talk, and that was the last of it because I’ve been all over the place. We haven’t spoken since then.”

VH1: Do you want to pursue it and speak with her, or are you just going to see where things go on their own?

“I’m just taking things one day at a time, it’s still a sticky situation with everything else that’s going on, so I’m just not doing anything.”

VH1: Were you surprised by how it played out at the reunion?

“Yeah, I was. I didn’t think that that was what would happen, but I’m also glad and relieved and it was a load off. And it also shows that we can be grown adults and women and move past it. We can fight, argue, whatever, and then bury the hatchet.”

VH1: Shaunie made that statement about finding a balance on the show at the very beginning of the reunion, and by the end of the reunion, it really did seem like you guys were working to be more positive.

“Yeah, it was a great response at the reunion and on my Twitter feed, it’s all been very positive. Because it was tough during the season. It’s been insane. But we’re good.”

“Insane” is an understatement, but it’s nice to hear that their reconciliation wasn’t just for show, although it still is a little odd they haven’t actually talked yet. Jen’s probably taking her sweet time before re-entering the world of Chad and Ev, but who knows, she might end up showing up for the wedding!

Do you think it’s odd Jen and Evelyn haven’t spoken since their reconciliation?

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