OOoo Girl, No! 6 Hair Mistakes You Need Not Make

June 14, 2012  |  
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It’s about time for a public service announcement ladies. Whether you’re making these hair mistakes out of ignorance or because you actually think they’re acceptable, it’s time for me to put you on notice. I’m certain a majority of our sophisticated followers won’t find themselves on this list; but to be safe, go ahead and click through to be sure.

Newspaper Hair

You may be wondering, what in the world is newspaper hair? Well newspaper hair is so thin, you could literally read the newspaper through it. A crucial mistake I frequently see black women make is prioritizing length over the health of their hair. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long enough to sit on, if it’s paper thin from breakage, chances are it’s not cute. You either need to cut it and start over or work the fake hair until it’s presentable.

**Note: No shade to the sister in the photo above. She took this photo to show a starting point and she has since remedied the problem.**

Microscopic ponytail

Luckily, the sisters wised up on this one. It’s rare that the microscopic ponytail makes an appearance these days; but every once in a while, there will be a reemergence. If you’re in the process of growing out a short cut, the microscopic ponytail is not to leave the confines of your home. Just because you can place 17 and a half scrunchies around it, does not mean it’s a quality ponytail. Please don’t do it…ever.

Letting Your [Dingy] Sock Show

About a decade ago women learned that they could achieve a full, symmetrical-looking bun by putting a sock underneath the strands of hair. It’s a nifty little trick but only if you have enough hair to properly cover the entire sock. Otherwise, we’ll be forced to stare at the once-white sock that’s now a light gray because of all the oils and dirt from your hair. Take the time and hold up a small mirror in the larger bathroom one you can check the back. A dingy sock poking out of your bun is gross. In fact, how about you get a sock that best matches your hair color. I doubt there are that many of us walking around with white…or gray hair.

Africa in the Front, China in the Back

There’s nothing wrong with fake hair. Do what you have to do to look as fly as possible. But if you’re going to go partially fake, please be sure to match your textures. We may recognize that all that hair is not your own but the whole idea is to make it as believable as possible and that means blending. Please don’t step out the house with a Florida Evans fro in the front and a Yoko Ono ponytail in the back.

Get Your Track

I feel the need to let some of you know that the part that doesn’t have hair on it, is not supposed to be seen. If your track is saluting strangers on the street with its Alfalfa like appearance, then it’s time to replace it.

The White Stuff

If your hair is black or any of the 1000 shades of dark brown, you have no business walking around with any type of white residue in your head. We all have to use our products and what not but if you’re applying so much that there are dandruff like clumps clinging to your tresses, you know you’ve done too much. No need to see the spritz, gel, track glue or any similarly-colored bodily fluids.


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