Everybody Hates __: 7 Celebrities Who Can’t Seem to Catch a Break

June 14, 2012  |  
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In life, there are just certain people you don’t like. They just rub you the wrong way. There are a lot of those folks in Hollywood. Every little thing that they do seems to annoy John Q. Public to no end. These 7 stars seem to have a permanent residence on someone’s ish list. Why is that?

Chris Brown

Ever since Chris Brown assaulted Rihanna, he’s become public enemy number one for a slew of people. The media and fellow celebrities have gone in on him for winning Grammy’s, lip synching, Twitter feuds and not really having a single eff to give about not being Mr. Congeniality. Although Rihanna has clearly forgiven and forgotten, for some reason, the public thinks they have reason to hold on to their grudge. Chris will never again be the cute boy next door. Too many people want him out of the neighborhood.

LeBron James

If you don’t live in Miami, chances are that you’re part of the masses that want off with King James’ head. The mighty always have a great big fall and LeBron’s crown was cracked with his decision, and not because he decided to leave Cleveland, but because of how he went about it. He went on national television and embarrassed the city during his publicized special, “The Decision.” The chosen one took his talents to Miami and partied like he’d already won those rings he promised. Little kids might tell him “good job, good effort,” but the adults still get their laugh on during the fourth quarter everytime he can’t close out the game.

Kanye West

In 2004, Kanye was regarded as the new savior of hip-hop. In 2012, he’s become a pariah of sorts who gets it from all sides. In eight years, he won the hearts of black fans when he blasted President George W. Bush for not caring about black people during Hurricane Katrina, jumped on a few stages, and earned the scorn of white folks when he interrupted Taylor Swift during the MTV VMAs. These days, he’s dating Kim Kardashian and going off on fans, telling them to “chill the f**k out.” A lot of people think he’s full of himself and that he’s changed, but the Ye of today may just be who he’s always been and that hasn’t made him Mr. Popular.

Kim Kardashian

Socialites who are famous for just being famous have come and gone. They’re tolerated during their 15 minutes of fame, but the clock seems to be stuck on the still very married Kim. The tipping point from annoyance to derision came with the hyped up wedding between her and Kris Humphries. If you’re going to make a mockery out of marriage, you could at least save face for a year, but she couldn’t even beat her engagement time. To top that off, she’s already happily dating Kanye West and trying to get into the Jayonce circle.


Terrell Owens

T.O.’s ego, deadbeat dad ways and treating everyone around him as though they were lucky enough to be in his presence were tolerated and excused when he was a NFL great. Now that he’s on the other side of his prime, the chickens have come home to roost and it’s making a lot of folks glad. The rude boy who refuses to grow up has been passed over by teams and just got dumped by the Indoor Football League. He even went on Dr. Phil, looking for sympathy because his baby mommas had the audacity to ask that he actually be a father to his kids and pay child support.

Gwyneth Paltrow

It’s always been easy to dislike Gwen, but Tweet gate just provided another reason to just give her the side eye. The fact that she couldn’t offer up an apology didn’t help either. She has bashed women for not exercising, trashed America because she felt Britain was where it was at and is just your typical snob who can’t pretend to make $25,000 a year. Schadenfreude exists for her.

Kobe Bryant

Before there was Lebron James, Kobe Bryant was the it-guy for people to throw shade at and do so constantly. Maybe it was the cockiness, the crap he used to talk about his own coach, Phil Jackson, or even the fact that he liked to rat out his teammates when his back was against the wall (remember him telling everyone Shaq cheated on Shaunie?), but something about him, both image wise and physically (real talk) reminds folks of a rat. He’s come a long way since then, and people probably started backing Bryant after the big lie that was his rape scandal, but because he’s a Laker the team still catches hell every season. He’s definitely a hall of fame caliber player, but to many, he’s still a jerk.

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