Art Imitating Life! 7 Celebs Who Might NOT Be Just Acting!

June 2, 2012  |  
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When we see some people play a character in movies or television shows we think, “They’re really good at what they do.” But then there are others who might also be good at what they do because they tend to always play similar roles or they have similar character traits that make us say, “I wonder if this is how they are in real life.”

Check out these actors who seem to put a dose of their true selves into their work…


LisaRaye McCoy

She says her role on Single Ladies was written with her in mind by the show’s creator, who also happens to be a good friend.  Now, based on the fact that LisaRaye has made comments in the past about only dating men with money and power in her real life, it isn’t hard to believe that watching her character on the show is really a sample of how she really is.


Gabrielle Union

It seems that many of Gabrielle Union’s movie roles tend to have a very similar recipe: beautiful, independent, successful and…mean.  In interviews, she comes across as someone with a cool personality and on Twitter, she’s really personable but since her roles fall into the same pot more often than not, it makes you wonder which parts of the roles are easiest to play since she plays them with such ease.


Michael Ealy

Here’s the thing about Michael: He switches up his roles but no matter what it is, he always comes across as being really serious.  When we see him on interviews, you can tell that he’s sometimes trying to “lighten up” but even his jokes have you saying, “But is he serious? I can’t tell.”  That’s okay, Michael, because I tell enough jokes for both of us. *makes room for him to sit next to me*


Sofia Vergara

I’ve got to believe that unless Sofia is loud, really dramatic and oozing sex appeal at all times (I’m not sure if that is a bad thing) in her real life, she’s probably “over” having to be like that when we see her on Modern Family, on red carpets and in interviews. People expect her to be a certain way at all times now and so even if that wasn’t her real personality, she’s likely had to adopt some of that. The dramatic flair she’s become known for seems like it would be part of her norm, especially when you hear her tell a story.



Regina Hall

After seeing Regina throughout the Scary Movie series, I’m convinced she’s a goofball! Granted, those movies don’t take many acting “skills” but she falls into it so easily that she just has to be funny in real life. 


Andre Braugher

Has anyone known Andre to take on a lighthearted role? Me either! After watching him for years on Homicide: Life On The Streets, I was convinced that he was a great cop that will get the answer out of you one way or the other in a previous life.  His approach to acting is taken seriously and his characters are generally very heavy so it wouldn’t surprise me if he were a very serious man when he’s not working.


Vivica Fox

Ohhhh, Auntie Viv!  We already know her M.O. when it comes to movies: sassy, no nonsense and cheerleader for love even though we know she’ll love it by the end of the film. So far, life pretty much has been a mirror image. We know Viv takes no mess in real life and will “read you” real quick if you get beside yourself.  In the romance department, she always thinks she’s found “the one” and it usually ends pretty bad.

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