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This is just blaxploitation at it’s finest. When we first met Sweet Brown, i.e. saw her on an Oklahoma news station, she was talking about how a fahhhr (fire) had broken out in her neighborhood and given her bronchitis, which “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Her presence was very Antoine Dodson-esque, but since her mannerisms were a little less animated and more so a reflection of her region and environment, many viewers found Sweet Brown to actually be sort of sweet. But now she’s gone left.

We’re not totally shocked someone has put this woman on a track, but let’s just say the fact that the title is “You’s a Monkey” and it’s being sang over the beat of Beyonce’s “Party” has us pretty much done with Global Rockstar Productions, ENT and the ignorance that is this song. This company actually put Sweet Brown in a studio—and she agreed—to lay down a song she and her father supposedly use to jokingly sing about “negative and crazy people.” What’s worse is the track is available on iTunes and if she follows in Antoine’s footsteps in any way, this will probably be a hit, sadly.

You can only imagine the type of crazy lyrics in this song but essentially Brian McKnight is on one end of the ridiculous spectrum and Sweet Brown is on the other. Here’s a quick line:

“I can tell by your face, not from human race, he’s a monkey.

“I can tell by your hair, you got baboon in you somewhere. He’s a monkey.”

I don’t even have to get into the cultural significance of black people being called monkeys to explain why this is all types of wrong. I was willing to give her a ghetto caricature pass the first time around, but this is just straight ignorance. No bueno for Team Sweet Brown, and by the way, why does she have a team anyway?

Check out the clip here and tell us who you blame for this.


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