Just Stop It! 6 Celebs (And Regular Folk) Who Need to Have Several Seats

June 1, 2012  |  
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Is it just me or does it seem like celebrities are acting a fool more than ever before? Maybe it’s the influx of reality tv, giving people with little to no talent huge platforms. Or maybe it’s the increased paparazzi and thirst for all things celebrity that constantly exposes us to information about the folks in the limelight. Whatever it is there are some people who clearly can’t handle the pressure. Instead of handling their fame with dignity and grace, they’ve stooped to embarrassingly ratchet lows. Whoever could we be talking about? Well, take a gander.

Tami Roman

When Tami Roman first joined the cast of “Basketball Wives,” I admit I liked her character the best. Sure, she was a little rough around the edges but she made a lot of sense and was actually married to a basketball player at one point. Having struggled over the past couple of years it was nice to see Tami getting to discuss her issues and even enjoying some of the glamorous life for a bit. But then the epic fight between she and Evelyn went down. And Tami saw how behaving poorly on national television is what people want to see. And they did want it until they realized Tami is a grown woman with two teenage daughters. The ridiculous arguments, petty altercations and just flat out bullying made us so over her. Once people started talking about boycotting the show (i.e. losing the network money), Tami and her cohort Evelyn had to clean up their acts, most likely at the request of Vh1. Now, she and Evelyn are on a campaign to tone it down. Tami got on the Wendy Williams Show and almost shed a few tears but I have trouble trusting her sincerity. After all, she did used to be an actress…

Ron Artest (aka Metta World Peace)

Full disclosure: Ron Artest is tres sexi to me. That smile, the beautifully even skin tone and that body(!) could easily have a girl caught up. But as we all know, beauty’s only skin deep. The problem with Ron Artest…excuse me Metta World Peace, is that he’s proven time and time again that he’s off his rocker. I’m from Indiana so I remember the controversy he stirred up when he was fighting people in the stands.  (Truth be told, I wasn’t even trippin’ off that. No one should have beer thrown on them at work.) But the name change, the excessive trash talking and this recent elbow incident have shown us that something’s a little off when it comes to Artest. The one bright side is that we know he’s consulted a therapist. How do we know? Because he thanked his psychiatrist after the Lakers won the championship in 2010. No shame in that. Get the help you need. So yes, Artest does need to have a seat…on somebody’s couch.

Desmond Hatchett & His Baby Mamas

Ok, so Ratchet Hatchett is not a celebrity but his name has been in the news as of late for his wanton disregard for safe sex practices. Hatchett, who is 33 years old, was said to have 30 children. Now reports claim it’s not 30, it’s 24. Either way that’s too many kids for a man who only makes enough money to provide $2 in child support for each of his children per month. But it takes two to tango. There’s something amiss with a woman who’ll have unprotected sex with a man who already has two dozen children. Womp to this whole situation! Since he can’t seem to keep it wrapped, Desmond needs to have a seat in the office of the doctor who’ll perform his much needed vasectomy.

Brian McKnight

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Remember when Brian McKnight was known for his ballads, when his albums could provide soundtracks for an entire wedding ceremony? Well hold onto those memories dear because those days are gone. Brian McKnight, in his thirsty quest to stay relevant, sings about pu**y and more recently the inner workings of anal sex.  We know his intention is to be sexi but Brian must not know women like we thought he did. Most of us don’t want men to talk to us like that. Especially not strange men who used to sing innocent love songs. It’s about time for Brian to “start back at one.”

Sweet Brown

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. You really disappointed me with this one. When I first saw the news video that went viral, I found you hilarious and relatable because I could tell that you weren’t acting, weren’t shucking and jiving. Though some may have considered your interview to be embarrassing or stereotypical, you were being your true self. But there’s nothing worse than when celebs want to push their 15 mins of fame to an hour. As we mentioned earlier, Sweet recently released a song called “You’s a Monkey.” If you think the title is bad, you’re right. And the song is much worse. This, Sweet, is embarrassing and stereotypical. Please quietly find a seat in the shadows…away from the limelight.

Wanetta Gibson

You may not recognize her face but you should definitely know her story. This is the woman who let an innocent Brian Banks sit in jail for a rape he did not commit. The only reason we came to learn of Brian’s innocence is because Wanetta was caught on video denying that it every happened. A woman who would allow a man’s freedom to be taken away for a crime he didn’t commit is the lowest of low. It’s the epitome of evil and Wanetta should take a long, remorseful seat in prison.

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