My Goodies? Not My Goodies!: Celebrities Who Pulled The V-Card (Virgin)

May 26, 2012  |  
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There’s something to be said for a person who has their beliefs and sticks to them…or they at least try.  Some celebs have made a vow to hold out on giving up their “V card” (virginity card, folks) until they’re married or until they meet the “right one.”  Others have tried to stick to these beliefs…and stumbled along the way but hey, I guess they held on as long as they could!

See who had or has held on to their goodies….

A.C. Green

Yes, A.C. was a decent basketball player but he was even more famous for being the basketball player who was saving himself for marriage. His fast teammates would send women to his hotel room when they were on the road but he’d always turn them away.  A.C. was very committed to his religious values and remained a virgin until he was married in 2002.

Lolo Jones

Lolo is another athlete (she’s a MAJOR track star) who has made the decision to save herself for marriage. I’m not sure if it is for religious purposes (though she is an active member of the Christian Ministry sooo…I guess so) or just a decision she came to years ago but much like everyone else on the list, I can respect it.  “Lo” recently did an interview with Real Sports and revealed that she’s had trouble dating once the guy finds out she’s a virgin.  Further, she kept it real and said remaining a virgin has been harder for her than training for the Olympics. But I need her to stop looking on Twitter for her next date.

Jonas Brothers

Nick, Kevin and Joe took the pop world by storm a few years ago when The Jonas Brothers came out. They were cute boys who could have all the young girls (and women) who were proudly throwing themselves at them. But they took the virginity vow and said they’d all wait until marriage. One brother, Kevin, has since turned in his purity ring since he married almost three years ago but I hear the other two are still holding on. I have to wonder how much of a fight this is for Joe Jonas because he is “top tier meat” right now and I’m sure the undergarments are being thrown at triple the rate!

Jordin Sparks

Everyone’s favorite cutie pie!  Jordan has been very upfront about her virginity and also being one of the young entertainment stars who proudly wore a purity ring.  Her ex-boyfriend Steph Jones claims that she lost her virginity to him but since he could always use the publicity, who knows if he’s telling the truth or not.  We may never know but since she hasn’t addressed it, we’ll continue to believe that she is a virgin.

Tim Tebow

He’s kind of the hottest thing out right now, in case you’re under a rock or something.  But he’s a devout Christian who fully believes in saving himself for his wife.  I think the groupies of the world are in competition to be the first one to get him to break down but I love that he’s stuck with it and isn’t shy about it.

Venus and Serena Williams

Well, it has definitely been awhile since we’ve heard these ladies mention the more intimate details of their lives but there was a time when they were very clear that because of their commitment to being Jehovah’s Witnesses, they would abstain from having sex. Now, both Venus and Serena have been in very serious relationships over the years and of course, that doesn’t mean they haven’t held on to their V-card but…okay, I’m done. What do YOU think?

Taylor Swift

Ms. Shock and Awe says she’s a virgin and with that silly look that seems plastered on her face, I can believe it.  But she’s also young, making money and taking care of business so “giving it up” may not be at the top of her ‘to do’ list. Young girls also look up to her and it seems like she takes that seriously so I can see her sticking with it for a lot of reasons.

Dwight Howard

This gets a chuckle out of me. This man hasn’t mentioned being a virgin since he stepped foot in the NBA.  After the son he had with “Basketball Wives” cast member Royce Reed, he’s gone on to have three or four more children. The flesh is weak huh, bruh?

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