Small to Big Screen: TV Shows That Should Be Turned Into Movies

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Quality shows  featuring positive African Americans just aren’t made like they used to be. They’re enjoyed now through re-runs on TV One and rewound for laughs on DVD/Blu Ray players. Most shows have special reunions to find out what favorite characters are up to but these six sitcoms could use more than just an hour of screen time to catch up. I’m thinking if the Sex and the City chicks could get TWO (count ’em) movies, why not some of our favorite black comedies from back in the day?

In fact, we even created storylines for the shows to help make them more dramatic. Would you check these out on the big screen?



Joan looks at a picture of Aaron and breaks down crying again over his death. He died a hero while in combat. Maya and Lynn have been trying to comfort Joan who is trying to get ready for his funeral in a few days. Joan is deciding what she’s going to wear to the funeral when Toni appears in her bedroom. Toni tells Joan to pick something else out of her closet because a funeral is no reason to let her fashion slip. Joan is surprised to see Toni considering that they haven’t spoken in a few years. Toni says it’s been too long and says Joan needs all the girlfriends she can get right now; she’s not mad at her anymore.

At Aaron’s repast, all the kids are playing together. Morgan is the little queen bee to Monica and William’s son and Maya and Darnell’s adopted daughter. Toni says she obviously started a trend when she had Morgan. Maya says that Toni would think that even though women have been birthing babies since the beginning of time. Toni tells Maya not to even start with her. Toni says that she’s already at the middle and ready to finish the conversation. Lynn wonders if she needs to be the referee. Toni smiles that she’s already won so there’s no point.  Joan says it feels like old times again. Toni says it feels like home and she’s glad to be back.

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

The Fresh Prince Will Smith has returned to Philly and he’s decided to run for Mayor, believing that he can help turn the city of Brotherly Love around. He’s got a wife and two kids to help him with his image but will still need more help. The crew flies into town and Carlton becomes his campaign manager while former judge, Uncle Phil, gives Will pointers on how to win the debates. Hillary drives Will crazy by styling him in all the fanciest suits while Ashley helps with the fundraising by belting out songs. But Little Nicky has been getting into trouble and gets arrested while in Philly. The family starts to give him a hard time but Nick swears that he was only arrested because of racial profiling and that he was judged for what he had on which was jeans and a hoodie. Will shows up at the debate in jeans and a hoodie. He lets the audience know that he used to be one of those kids running wild in the streets but that anybody can change if given the chance. Will wins the election and Jeffrey shows up with a dust pan. He knows that Will is going to need all the help he can get cleaning up City Hall.



Martin is celebrating the 100th episode of his talk show. He’s having a special taping in Detroit to honor his roots. He’s greeted like a hero when he comes back to his old stomping grounds but doesn’t make much time to sign autographs for his fans.  He even ignores Sheneneh who is trying to tell him how she’s become a mini mogul because of her hair salon. He acts like he doesn’t know her in front of his Hollywood friends. Gina is embarrassed and Pam thinks that short stuff has gotten too high and mighty for his own good. Gina confides in Pam that she knows that Martin has changed for the worse. Gina also tells Pam that she’s pregnant but doesn’t know how to tell Martin since his priorities are all out of wack. Across town, Tommy and Cole act as Martin’s bodyguards as they go to dinner at Nipsy’s. Martin is telling his boys all about how he’s more paid than Varnell Hill now when a gunman comes into the restaurant and demands everyone’s cash, wallets and jewelry. Tommy tells Cole and Martin that he learned some martial arts moves at his job. Martin snaps that Tommy ain’t got no job! Cole says that since they’re about to die, Tommy might as well tell them what he does for a living. The gunman approaches Martin and says Martin’s going with them since a rich hostage is always good to have. Martin starts to resist and Tommy jumps in and tackles the gunman to the ground.

At home, Martin tells Gina that his life flashed before his eyes and he realizes how stupid he’s been. Martin asks Gina if she can forgive him. Gina says both she and the baby can forgive him. On the anniversary special, Tommy is the featured guest because of his heroic actions and Sheneneh gets some shine.

Good Times

Willona’s in the hospital after she had a heart attack and flies back to Chicago with the paps trailing her every move. The nosy neighbor to the Evan’s had her daughter grow up to be one of the most celebrated music icons, but Penny can only think of her mother who made it all possible. Michael, Thelma, Bookman, J.J. and Penny realize that the last time they got together was for Florida’s funeral a few years ago. Thelma says that they’ve got to stay in touch more often. She knows that she has alienated herself since her divorce from Keith. J.J. says that he never liked Keith, especially when he slapped Thelma. Thelma said she made him pay by taking half the NFL’s money. Willona’s health recovers but Michael still can’t take it easy. He’s leading a protest to stop the proposed demolition to the building they used to live in. Bookman says he fell behind on payments and now the bank wants to sell the building to developers who only want to turn the projects into condo’s. Michael, militant as ever, is worried about the people who will lose their homes and can’t afford to go anywhere else. Penny makes a quick phone call and says that she just bought the building. J.J. shouts “Dynomite!” Thelma teases that Lil Penny’s got it like that. Penny smiles and says, “It’s Miss Woods.”

Living Single

Khadijah has invited her girls out to spend two weeks with her at a villa she is renting in the Caribbean for a much needed summer vacation. She’s also using the trip to introduce them to her girlfriend, Cleo. They’ve been dating for over a decade and she’s just ready to set it off. Régine and her 12 pieces of luggage are the first to arrive. She’s followed by a bickering Maxine and Kyle. Overton and Sinclair show up the next day. Obie misplaced their tickets and they had to take a later flight out. At the dinner table, Khadijah tells her friends that Cleo is more than just her business partner in Flavor, but her partner in life. Khadijah announces that she’s a lesbian and a hush falls over the table. Khadijah wants someone to just say something. Maxine thought Khadijah was gonna tell them something they didn’t know. Régine brags that she has gaydar and knew all along. Max and Kyle start arguing over which one of them knew first. Sinclair blurts out that she’s pregnant which does shock the table. Sinclair knew that they didn’t know that.

A Different World

It is the graduation of Whitley and Dwayne’s daughter, Jasmine, from Hillman College. Their friends have shown up to support the couple, including Lena. Lena is now an actress and she brought her kids along to show them where their mom got her start. Freddie, who worked her way up to being a well respected attorney in Washington, will be giving the commencement speech as she is Hillman’s most high profile graduate. She put her personal life on hold to further her career, which included pushing Ron away since he didn’t want to better himself. While on campus, Ron runs into his ex, Dr. Kimberly Reese. He apologizes for how he treated her by cheating on her with Freddie. Kim just smiles and the happily married woman says that she knew that he’d one day realize that the grass wasn’t always greener on the other side.

Mr. Gaines has cooked up a feast for Jasmine and her parents at the Pit. Out of the corner of her eye, she catches the attention of a guy. They smile at each other. He walks up and introduces himself as Byron Douglas IV, another graduate of the day. It’s an awkward moment when the parents interrupt the flirting duo. If life had gone a little bit differently, Whitley would’ve married Byron’s daddy and there would be no Jasmine.

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